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Examples of aquariums with fish from Lake Tanganyika

Here's where you'll find many examples of how an aquarium with fish from Lake Tanganyika can be appropriately decorated.

The habitat of the African Lake Tanganyika is home to many famous and popular in the aquarium hobby Bund cichlid species. But the attitude of most belonging to the cichlids ornamental fish provides certain demands on the aquarist.

As the lake very unusual water features and values ​​is therefore also called colloquially "Alkalisee", it is a challenge to replicate these values ​​in the living room aquarium and keep stable. It is particularly important that the pH is at or above 8.5.

Apart from the claims which are the preparation of the appropriate water levels of the aquarium, are species such as Tropheus or Petrochromis extremely aggressive, which can be compensated in sufficiently large aquaria by proper selection of the trimming and setting up. Easy to hold relatively than apply Tropheus Duboisi or snail cichlids Neolamprologus multifasciatus or Neolamprologus brevis, which are quite suitable for beginners. Other popular cichlids from Lake Tanganyika are: Neolamprologus brichardi (Prinzession of Burundi / Feenbuntbarsch), Tropheus Ikola or Cyphotilapia frontosa. In large aquariums Felscichliden can be very well associated with open water cichlids as Cyprichomis leptosoma.

In the aquarium also are very popular the Felsencichliden of Lake Tanganyika. These include the genus Julidochromis and some species of the genus Lamprologus.

An also very interesting for the aquarium habitat of Tanganyika cichlids is the sandy bottom. Here live some kinds of Lamprologus complex (eg the snails cichlids of the genus Neolamprologus) and adapted to the sandy bottom and Xenotilapia Enantiopus.

In the transition zone between rock and Sandlitoral the thread mouthbrooders the genera Aulonocranus, Cyathopharynx and Ophthalmotilapia live.

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