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Already for a long time practicing the underwater world to man a special fascination. Is it still an area of ​​life, which he can not control and in which he himself is not viable. Fish and many other organisms such as crabs and shrimps, corals and amphibians have developed this habitat for themselves.

Therefore, it is well understood that one this habitat with the establishment of an aquarium wants to bring into the living room. To observe the behavior or just as a meditative piece of furniture.

Anyone who wants to set up an aquarium, is based on the best of nature and the almost countless different natural habitats. But who has not directly this way, can bring countless inspiration to get started in the hunting or as old-serving aquarists also by means of the presented device Examples of aquariums, who wants to change, for example on cichlids or want to keep other species in its aquarium , with whom he could not collect aquaristic experience so far.

In the aquarium hobby interesting habitats are divided into these main areas: Africa, America, Asia and Australia and saltwater. In addition, the Wirbellosenaquaristik and Aquascaping have established in recent years. Of course, here also classical community tank are introduced, which are often seen as an entry pool, but usually have a different focus, namely the decorative possible placement of ornamental fish in the taste of the owner appropriate aquarium.

Special attention is also the plants used in the aquarium, as the Tiger Lotus, mosses and other decorative materials. Wood (Moorkien, bog oak, mangrove, savannah wood, Mopani or bamboo) and stones (hole stone) are the natural habitat and nearby furnishings for an aquarium. Also possible are artificial decorative materials such as 3D rear panels for aquariums.

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