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Examples for saltwater aquariums

Here's where you'll find many examples of how a saltwater aquarium can be appropriately decorated.

Among the most colorful aquarium undoubtedly include replicas of marine habitats in the aquarium.

In addition to widespread coral reef aquarium to enjoy more and more small Nanoriffaquarien in Salzwasseraquaristik increasing popularity.

The technique, which is necessary to operate a seawater aquarium, is among the most elaborate in aquatics. Strong lighting, special water treatment, filtering and flow make high demands on the aquarium, but are a prerequisite for the successful maintenance of colorful fish and corals. In the marine aquarist has increasingly treat the water through skimmer and live rock, enforced instead of conventional filtering as in the freshwater aquarium.

In addition to the filter technology is a strong current and lighting for the operation of a seawater aquarium is necessary.

In addition to fish stocking in marine aquariums often consists of stone or soft corals.

To build a reef in saltwater aquariums often perforated rock is used.

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