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Examples of aquariums with fish from Asia and Australia

Here's where you'll find many examples of how an aquarium with fish from Asia and Australia can be appropriately decorated.

Asia and Australia are together a huge area, from which has long been a variety of ornamental fish for the aquarium is introduced to us. Despite this long tradition, the aquarium for these fish are rarely set up as a biotope aquarium. Usually the fish are kept in a community tank.

For the socialization, the animals are usually particularly well suited, as most are not aggressive and not very demanding with respect to the water values ​​and generally do not require any special basin means.

Numerous barbs, like Siamese trunk barbs, Tiger barbs (Puntius cf. tetrazona) Rotstreifenbarben (Puntius denisonii), purple head barbels (pethia nigrofasciata), superb barbs (pethia conchonius) or Brocade Barben (Puntius semifasciolatus), loaches, like the sucking loaches and the complex of Labyrinther and gouramis as Colisa lalia and Mosaic gourami (Trichogaster leerii), come from this area. Harlequin Barben (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) Dorn eyes Feuerschwanz, fighting fish or rainbow fish as Boeseman's rainbow fish (Melanotaenia boesemani) or Dwarf Neon Rainbow fish (Melanotaenia praecox), belong to the standard program in almost any pet shop. On the other hand getting rarer are the predatory snakehead (Channa), which are maintained more frequently or dwarf puffers from India. As appropriate socialization to shrimp can eg Danio choprae or serve blue eyes.

A beautiful schooling fish is the Cardinal fish (Tanichthys albonubes), which can be a real alternative to the South Sichen neon tetra.

In the hunting and widespread, but still not particularly well suited for keeping in aquariums are from the region, the loaches, Palembang puffer and Haibarben.

Especially for keeping in garden ponds Goldfish and Koi from East Asia offered us.

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