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Aquarium Hauptansicht von mein drittes Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Tanganyika
Tank size:
160x90x60 = 864 liters ~ 228 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin: 12mm glass, stossverklebt addition 4querstreben
The pool is on the former exterior wall of the house which has been slightly changed and broadened.
Rear and side window of the tank insulated with styrofoam.

Eigenbau from 5mm Forex consisting acting as a lid of four detachable parts.
And a frame to which the tank is almost wurde.Zierleisten from the hardware store homegrown
Hinter den Kulissen versteckte(15-20cm breite sandzone)
Aquarium decoration:
fine beige sand from the hardware store; 0,4-0,8mm
at 4-10 cm height piled ascending backwards
approx: 80 kg
Special features of the facility:
The device consists of the old rear wall of Pangea "Rocky 4":. Since this was too short for my new pool I have a angepast of jewel to the missing corner.
Furthermore, I have the 3 largest modules (80x50x20) of Back to Nature as a rock overhang or on the ground and placed zusammengebastelt.
More Rock modules Rockset undJuwel angepast the device.
Aquarium equipment:
Luxor lightbar T5 maximum of 44%

all equipped with a Tageslichtsimmulator, begins in the morning at 8:00 am with dawn and ends with moonlight at night.
Full daylighting 12 hours.
Fluval FX5 intake Duch Biotec 5.1 and 10.1 Filter foam Dimensions: 250 x 205 x 85 mm, (acts like einHMF or quick filter, thus have no "annoying airborne" more in the water)
Other equipment:
Heating an aquarium filter Thermostat T09 outdoor heater

Internal thermometer probe, electronic temperature control with Alarmbreich

Strömmungspumpe Tunze 4500 liters / h

Nitrate reduction by.

a Eheim 2224 (almost completely choked) Aspiration via
ATMAN BIOFILTER 5 filter sponge 10x14x30 with suction tube
filled with nitrate resin + phosphate resin

The 2 Strömmungspumpen are all briefly held under the surface in direction 12 clock to drive off the Co2 thus ud the Ph to stabilisieren.außerdem everything is so arranged that a sort Kreiselströmmung arises and so everything'd driven to the intake ports on the rear panel.

Water changes'd operated mainly to neutralize all dangerous substances chlorine, since I had a lot of losses but in the area and this already Xenotilapia respond to a few amounts of chlorine over a Reiser filter.
Technik im Aquarium mein drittes Becken
ansaugung Fluval fx5 über Filterschwamm
Auslauf Fluval Fx5 mit ordentlich Oberflächenbewegung
Außenheizer in Nitratfilterrücklauf intigriert
Nitratfilter im Eheim
Water parameters:
Water temperature is 24- 28 degrees, depending on room temperature, if necessary switches off the heating at 24 degree
pH 7.8
KH value 14
GH: approx.16 degrees dGH
Nitrate 0-10mg
Nitrite not nachweißbar
Conductance 550 m / s

With every water change'd sera aquatan, the stagnant water added
Further information:
Water change:

I make my water change every one to two weeks, with stale and then recently tempered water in which I use my 240 liter aquarium old as an intermediate storage filled würd it with Reiser filter lasts about 2,5stunden until it is full.

about water changes I recommend every aquarist following page in the man should rummage times.