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A more recent trend in the hobby is the attitude of invertebrates in the aquarium.

Since often only very small aquariums, called nano tanks are needed with a volume of a few liters to offer shrimp, crabs or snails a house for invertebrates are quite excellent for beginners and conditions Life cramped.

Among the most popular invertebrate Amano shrimp, Red Fire shrimp, bumblebee shrimp, bees shrimp, crystal red shrimp, Taiwan Bee shrimp, prawns and many more are in clarkii Procambarus shrimp and various Cherax species such as Cherax or peknyi Cherax Hoa Creek, CPO, Cambarellus patzcuarensis var. orange, Cambarellus montezumae, Cambarellus diminutus, Cambarellus chapalanus, Cambarellus sp. Alabama, Louisiana Cambarellus, Cambarellus stink, Cambarellus sp. chocolate, Cambarellus texanus, Cambarellus shufeldtii, Procambarus allenii crabs.

As co-inhabitants adequate to the aquarium invertebrates can eg Danio choprae or serve Epiplatys annulatus (Dwarf Clown Killi).

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