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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Experimental Aquarium 112 Liter
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
80 x 35 x 40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
How does one describe a pool, which was never actually planned? It started when my former Ancisten had decided to produce offspring. So quickly a 50 liter tank has been set up. Small AquaBall filter clean, everything filled with Backwater, filter inoculated with filtered water from the large aquarium, root, alder cones, waterweed and 2 weeks to wait until the young hatch. On a heating and an illumination I omitted because the basin was next to the window and room temperature and daylight should be enough. Approximately 20 small Ancistrus then inhabited the aquarium and had thanks E..y Classifieds new owners found.

Meanwhile, brought my wife from work, layers of a Efeutute with. The new houseplants should take root and decorate the apartment.
I had to take root hung the sinker into the basin. What happened. The sale of catfish lasted 6 months, because the market is more than saturated. In the half year were from the Absenkern who were still in the aquarium, the richest plant. Without stocking the pool should then actually end up back in the basement. My wife, although tolerates my hobby, but not necessarily shares, meant it would be a pity. Since it was too good with houseplants in Beck background. I saw my chance! If even then a 100 liter tank, open and with all the trimmings! Where I can romp times, try something and tinker, change times, sometimes do things differently ... and what does my darling !? Because of me! Only the costs should I keep in mind.

So it started!
Organized pool for lau, tinkered Hamburg mat filter, pump from an old Zimmerbrunnen was still in the basement, pebble pure (which was not yet available), it should remain open and remain without coverage ... so ... DONE!
In lighting I wanted to do without, because the "new" Aquarium stand next to the window. Unfortunately space, but another was not available. But at least it never gets from the sun.
Aquarium decoration:
25 Kg gravel grit medium
Houseplants that are rooted in the aquarium:

Efeutute (Epipremnum)
Baumfreund (Philodendron)

Aquatic plants:

Sword plant (Echinodorus Ocelot)
Brazilian pennywort (Hygrocotyle Leucocephala)
Red / Pink Papageienblatt (Alternanthera reineckii)
Javafarn (Microsorum pteropus)
sometime was also a moss in it, which is still growing here and there
Brasilianischer Wassernabel
Ansicht von oben
Ansicht von oben
Wurzel mit Moos
Echinodorus Ozelot
Ansicht von oben, Eheim LED für Nanobecken
HMF mit Verkleidung und Kiesblende gebastelt aus einer Juwelrückwand
Blick von rechts ins Aquarium
Wurzeln der Efeutute
Ansicht von links ins Becken
Gesamtansicht vom Aquarium
Blick an die Decke. Die Efeutute wuchert bis hoch.
Bild von oben mit Echinodorus Ozelot, Murdannia Keisak und Javafarn
Murdannia Keisak
Special features of the facility:
Shrimp shelter / -versteck
A home-built terrace of a jewel back wall that was bent with hot air, with two holes where behind each mason jars (there was even bruschetta in it) are glued, all covered with gravel.
a root is still behind hung on the aquarium glass and is half (hällt by the growth form of the root) and over half under water
Terrasse mit Höhle
Aquarium equipment:
Once the vat well ran without lighting a year a small Eheim LED lamp has been installed now. Which, although intended only for nano tanks, but should be enough plus daylight. And experience shows that it is enough!
HMF rear left corner
itself built of manholes, with a Juwel everything was covered. Below everything was straightened out with hot air, so that no gravel slips behind the HMF.
Other equipment:
Thermometer (does that count?)
HMF Marke Eigenbau
Thermometer und Hamburger Mattenfilter
8-10 x Zwerggarnelenmix
6 x Albino Koi guppies
countless postal and Tower snails
Albino Koi Guppy
Albino Koi Guppy
Dried fodder:

Tropical SUPERVIT Staple food flakes
Geri food tablets
Hakito Premium granules
sera Wels - Chips
Terra crusta Menu

Frozen Food:

Further information:
The pool is operated without heating and has room temperature. Since it is open and no temperature difference to the room is, the evaporation is limited. Only in mid-summer it can be felt and it is topped up accordingly.