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Examples of aquascaping aquariums

Here's where you'll find many examples of how a Aquascaping Aquarium can be appropriately decorated.

Aquascaping is the art set up aquariums for aesthetic considerations. It stands at the center and not Aquascaping stocking with fish or invertebrates. Often an underwater landscape is designed and entirely dispensed only animals with plants, stones and wood.

The underwater gardeners relies specifically the furnishings in the aquarium so the scene that real scenes from nature such as a forest, mountain peaks or a path in an underwater landscape are simulated.

In its layout, so the implemented design idea in the aquarium, the aquascaper tried not replicate primarily nature in detail, but to capture the mood of a landscape.

The "hardscape" from roots and rocks is thereby built on a structure consisting of gravel, sand and soil. This hardscape is when aquascaping the center. Here is to draw the demarcation to the classic Naturaquaristik.

Among the aquascaping aquariums there are certainly also strong planted aquariums, which are supplied with a CO2 fertilization.

In aquascapers such fish are of course as stocking the most popular, the change nothing at Scape, so pull any plants or even eat. Are often used peaceful, more peaceful species like Rummy or ear Lattice Loricariids which also still considered excellent algae eaters.

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