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DIe Zeichnung
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
80x35x40 = 112 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
For ages I dream of an aquarium in the bedroom. The idea to wake in the morning and look in a chic Aquarium drove me to now from my dream to make my project. I started already a few weeks ago, I went with the territory of Aquascappings known and researched a little matching aquarium sizes, for the reason that there is only a 1.8m wide niche for the closet available in my bedroom. At the end now so it was clear that there should be a 80 pools.

So off we go !!!
Aquarium decoration:
As substrate I would like something dark paired with bright accents.

- Soil (to be watched)
- ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia
- Light sand
We are looking for the extremely flat foreground plants grow, besides the rock should also be planted. In the woods I would like to place a little moss. The background should like to be beautifully green. In addition, I think it should be a few eye-catchers include in the pool, even a few colorful plants are well integrated deswgen.
Special features of the facility:
I ask myself, probably typical, Aquascapingbecken ago. With the help of lava I want to make a kind of canyon, but there should still be a little wood with incorporated eg in the form of Morkienwurzeln or the like.
Aquarium equipment:
For lighting I have now ordered two HQI bulbs that still get a new shield made of brushed aluminum, respectively. The lamps have respectively 150W and so should be more than sufficient, according to testimonies of different forums. Currently, I still think about an LED moonlight. For ideas on this I'd appreciate your suggestions.
The filter should initially a JBL ChristalProfi serve 120th Are there any experiences with this filter on your part?
Other equipment:
CO2 is introduced by means of a pressure bottle 500gr incl. ECL overnight shutdown. The diffuser is a Dennerle Flipper. Testing of the CO2 content by a JBL long-term test with integrated pH tester.
As stocking I wish a large swarm of small fish. For gill from 20 Mosquitorasbora (Boraras brigittae).

For this purpose, like one or two couples Scarlet Dwarf blue perch (Dario Dario).

The Purtztrupp should either 10 delta wing brown bullhead (Hara jerdoni) or blackfin catfish (Corydoras leucomelas) exist.

Furthermore, probably my prawns are out of my Nano move the now to be replaced by this pool.