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Becken am 25.09.2016
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
121 x 51 x 60 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Company sinks Aquascapingeinfluss. I have tried in the style of Aquascaping to make my new pool, without losing sight of the demands of my animals out of sight. When aquascaping the appearance and planting is the measure of all things, this bites (in my eyes) to claim many of the residents, at least if you want to operate a community tank. But you can certainly take advantage of the Aquascaping and the classic aquarium and pick out a middle ground to tread. I think I made a very good cut, looks pretty, the animals are doing well, and I like it.
Becken am 05.09.2016
Aquarium decoration:
ADA Amazonia as basic plant and quartz sand as a decorative contrast. With the quartz sand of the cutting area and the "Gorge" was decorated. The sand serves me as a feeding ground for the frozen food, at least wenns were up to me - at the latest when the fish pounce about the stuff flying around everywhere eh ;-)
Anubias barteri
Anubias nana
Micranthemum 'Montecarlo'
Hemianthus callitrichoides CUBA
Styrogene spec. "Porto Velho"
Limnophila sessiliflora
Echinodorus 'Red Diamond'
Cabomba furcata - piauhyensis
Elodea canadensis
Vallisneria gigantea
Echinodorus bleheri
Crinum calamistratum
Alternathera reineckii "Red Ruby"
Echinodorus tenellus
Ammania gracilis
Tonina fluviatilis
Marimo - Marimo ball
Vesicularia dubyana
Eleocharis parvulus
Pogostemon helferi

There are still some types going to be later replaced by slowly growing species. What is kicked out exactly and will take appropriate place, is not yet determined but nachgetragen promptly.

The inner filter box will soon be even more cases with "plant mats," I'm doing this as soon as I find enough money and time ;-)
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Becken Rückseite
Rotala und Mooskraut
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Kleiner Stern
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
die `Neulinge`
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Seitenansicht 28.02.2016
Anubias am 13.03.2016 bei WW
Becken von Oben 13.03.2016
`Gaja` vor Beckenpflege 13.03.2016
`Gaja` nach Beckenpflege 13.03.2016
`Gaja` nach Beckenpflege 13.03.16
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Becken am 30.03.2016
Becken am 30.03.2016
Becken am 17.04.2016
rechte Seite am 17.04.2016
linke Seite am 17.04.2016
Becken am 17.04.2016
Steine und Aufsitzerpflanzen
neugestaltete rechte Seite des Beckens
Becken am 08.06.2016
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Pflanzen im Aquarium Gaja
Special features of the facility:
The hardscape was designed primarily of Islandlava and Moor Wood. The lava was placed on the left side so that various hiding places have emerged. On the right half of the pelvis a small ravine was designed from the lava and above placed a root, so that a shelter for my residents is also available here. Through the use of sand, slate and various odds and ends, under the internal filter which is currently inhabited by the Kakadu perch breeding cave has arisen.
kurz nach der Lieferung am neuen Standort aufgebaut und erste Technik installiert
Vollansicht 05.09.2016
Dekoration im Aquarium Gaja
Dekoration im Aquarium Gaja
Gaja am 10.04.2016
Becken am 30.03.2016
Dekoration im Aquarium Gaja
Hardscape gestaltet
Blick von der rechten Seite auf das Hardscape
die erste Pflanzenlieferung wurde direkt eingesetzt
Stunden spaeter war dann auch das HCC fertig gesetzt
der dritte Tag nach Beckenstart
der dritte Tag nach Beckenstart
Zweite Woche nach Beckenstart, ein paar Veraenderungen und neue Pflanzen
neue Bewohner sind eingezogen und scheinen sich wohl zu fuehlen
5te Woche und es wächst, wächst, wächst!
7te Woche
Dekoration im Aquarium Gaja
9te Woche
frisch gestutzt xD
Becken am 12.11.2015
Becken am 24.11.2015
Blick ins Becken am 05.12.2015
Dekoration im Aquarium Gaja
Vollansicht am 05.12.2015
Becken am 23.12.2015
Hauptansicht am 10.01.2016
Becken am 24.01.2016
Aktueller Stand am 06.02.2016
Becken am 14.02.2016
Stand 21.02.2016
Becken am 28.02.2016
Abendstimmung am 13.03.2016
Becken am 13.03.2016
Becken am 18.03.2016
Becken am 30.03.2016
Becken am 10.04.2016
Becken am 10.04.2016
Becken am 17.04.2016
aktuelle Beckenansicht
Becken am 08.06.2016
Dekoration im Aquarium Gaja
Becken am 24.07.2016
Becken am 14.08.2016
Becken am 29.08.2016
Becken am 31.08.2016
Becken am 05.09.2016
Aquarium equipment:
Standard lightbar with reflectors:
Front: 2x T5 Juwel High-Lite Day
Rear 1 x T5 Juwel High-Lite Day
1 x T5 Juwel High-Lite Nature

The back wall has been extended by an LED bar, so I can hereby simulate sunrise and sunset.

A moonlight LED bar offers my fish even at night a little lighting

Lighting times:
LED background: 09:00 - 10:30 clock 19:30 - 21:00 clock
T5 bar Rear: 10:00 - 20:00 clock
T5 front closure 10:30 - 19:30 clock
Moonlight LED: 21:00 - 09:00 clock
The filtering is taking over one of the original jewel Bioflow 6.0 with 1000 l / h flow rate. The placement of the filter consists of the filter sponges (coarse / fine) and the filter fleece. The activated carbon I currently have in there too, but coming out soon and if not possible to be replaced.

Also, a Tetra EX is also 800 Plus external filters installed. The fitting is similar to the Bioflow, only here instead of the activated carbon, a basket is installed with ceramic tubes.
Other equipment:
CO2 pressure gas bottle with 2kg incl night-off (09:00 - 20:00 clock).. The CO2 contribution is made through a typhoon reactor. A CO2 permanent test shows the values ​​accordingly.

The heating of the pool takes over the 300 W heater thermostat of gem that is placed inside the filter box and is thus flows around always optimal. The temperature is set to 26 ° C. At night the pool cools down to this value during the day the temperature reaches a value of about 27.5 ° C through the 4 T5 tubes. This is in my eyes also in nature quite normal that night the temperature decreases slightly and daytime easily rises due to solar radiation - so for me actually perfect.

A JBL test case in order to keep my water values ​​in the eye is present and is used when needed.

The general control of the lighting periods is currently being taken over by 5 switches. But as soon as my hobby Checkout is something filled, an aquarium computer is purchased. Currently, the total procurement of new aquarium has been decimated with all necessary equipment and garnish my money reserves ;-)
Technik im Unterschrank (CO2/Filter/Steuerung)
`Quell des Lebens` - vorhandener Dünger
Black Phantomsamler, Hyphessobrycon megalopterus 3xM 12xW
Swordtail, Xiphophorus hellerii 1xM 1XW
Segelflosser, Pterophyllum scalare 6x
Kakadu cichlid, Apistogramma cacatuoides 1xM 2xW
Antler snail Clithon sp. 4x
Khan worm Theodoxus fluviatilis 4x

The plan currently looks even a medium-sized amount of schooling fish off what is not yet clear exactly but probably it will be neon, the classics halt.
ein huebscher Skalar
Hübsches  Kakadu Fraule
Der stolze Kakadu Buntbarsch
frisch gebackener PapaBarsch xD
Zwei neue Mitbewohner `Koi-Skalare`
Kakadu-Nachwuchs am 26.09.2015
hübsche Truppe
Koi-Skalar in voller Pracht
Segelflosserdame bei der Eiablage 06.12.2015
Mama und Papa Skalar
Bolivianischer Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch
Bolivianischer Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch
Neuzugänge vom 20.02.2016
erster großgewordener Beckennachwuchs (Kakadu-Männchen)
die `Segler`
4te Gelege 05.03.2016
Neues Gelege auf der Anubias
Besatz im Aquarium Gaja
Besatz im Aquarium Gaja
Besatz im Aquarium Gaja
mal wieder ein Gelege
die Siamesen-Truppe
Meine Lieblinge
Water parameters:
Water values ​​according to the last measurement:

Temperature [° C]: 26 to 27.5
KH [° dKH]: 4
GH [° dGH]: 4
pH: 6.3
NO2 [mg / l]: nN
O2 [mg / l]: 10
NO3 [mg / l]: 5
PO4 [mg / l]: 0.25
Fe [mg / l]: 0.1
K [mg / l]: 15
Mg [mg / l]: 6
CO2 [mg / l]: 34

Water exchange is now remade every week 50%, instead of the beginning of all two days.

On the water values ​​of my supplier I refrain at this point, since these values ​​anyway represent only average values ​​and should not be regarded as constant (A complete measurement confirms this statement).
Flakes and granules as a basic feed. And three times a week there is a portion of frozen food.

At the next visit to the local Aquaristikfachgeschäfts a little live food is purchased and fed times as a test.
Further information:
Fertilization I do with the Aqua Rebell products, depending on water levels and plant mass. The general appearance of the plant and algal volume I refer to the fertilizer quantities with.
Since I am fairly new in the attitude of such plants aquariums, I have decided on the concept of limited fertilization. That means I try to plant growth through the addition of phosphate to limit what loud Search "slow" but to a healthy plant growth leads.

Well, if the currently prevailing growth in the pelvis should be slow, then I do not know what happens if I fertilize unlimited. Currently, I'll throw about NEN half a bucket of greens per week from the basin ;-)

These pelvic presentation is currently under construction and will be expanded to include various pictures as soon as I find time to do that. For suggestions and tips of all kinds, I am very connected.