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Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
81x36x50 = 115 liters ~ 30 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The pool is available as a room divider next to the sofa.
Hauptansicht vorn 17.03.2018
Hauptansicht Rückseite 17.03.2018
Hauptansicht Seite 17.03.2018
Hauptansicht oben bei Wartungsarbeiten 17.03.2018
Hauptansicht oben bei Wartungsarbeiten 17.03.2018
Hemianthus glomeratus (rund) 17.03.2018
Abenddämmerung 20.01.2018 von `vorn`
Abenddämmerung 20.01.2018 von `hinten`
21.01.2018: Eheim LED+ bei 35% und 2 eingeschaltete Eheim T5 freshpower daylight
17.02.2018 vorn
17.02.2018 hinten
17.02.2018 Seite
Aquarium decoration:
Surface: sera flora depot 2.4kg + 4.7kg
Color Stone aquarium gravel black "Tanganyika" 15kg, grit 2-3mm rounded

Among the Echinodorus jungle Star No. 15 Simply Red and Cryptocoryne wendtii green I have introduced 2015 Deponit NutriBalls from DENNERLE in the root zone in May. End June 2015 I NutriBalls introduced 40 more Deponit throughout the aquarium.
Alternanthera reineckii "Rosaefolia" Dehner (1 bunch)
Cryptocoryne wendtii of Dehner (1x)
Cryptocoryne Tropica wendtii green (1x)
Cryptocoryne parva from Dennerle (1x)
Echinodorus jungle Star Nr. 15 Simply Red from Dennerle (2x)
Eleocharis parvula (1x) Tropica
Egeria densa of Kaufland (1 cup)
Lobelia cardinalis' Mini '' (1x) from Dennerle
Hydrocotyle leucocephala (1 bunch)
Hygrophila polysperma of Dennerle (1 bunch)
Microsorum Pteropus from Dennerle (1x + 1x tied on wood with suction cup)
Riccardia Chamedryfolia of Dennerle (1 pad)
Rotala wallichii (3 stalks as a gift from Aquaristikhändler)
Vallisneria Nana from Dennerle (1x)
Vallisneria tortifolia (2x)
Micranthemum sp. `Montecarlo` 17.03.2018
Eleocharis acicularis 17.03.2018
Hemianthus glomeratus 17.03.2018
Valisneria nana + Bacopa carolinia 17.03.2018
HCC umgeben von Lobelia cardinalis mini 17.03.2018
Hydrocotyle cf. tripartita 03.02.2018
Echinodorus tenellus, dahinter Hemianthus glomeratus 17.02.2018
Vallisneria nana 17.02.2018
Taxiphyllum sp. `Spiky Moss` 17.02.2018
Bucephalandra pygmaea `Bukit Kelam / Sintang` 17.02.2018
neu Taxiphyllum sp. `Spiky Moss` vorn. Hinten Taxiphyllum barbieri `Javamoos` aufgebunden
Baustelle: Hemianthus callitrichoides `Cuba`, 20.01.2018
Microsorum pteropus `True Needle Leaf`
Microsorum pteropus `Green Gnome` + Bucephalandra sp. `Kedagang`
Bacopa caroliniana
Eleocharis acicularis
Special features of the facility:
Australian desert wood size L
3 larger stones
Aquarium equipment:
2x Jewel HiLite Nature 28W each with jewel reflector
Lighting time: 10 - 14am, 17h - 23h

Jewel provides the aquarium by default with T5 lighting 2x HiLite Day. Right from the start I had a tube against the HiLite Nature exchanged because me the light was to "blue". Due to the better growth behavior of the plants and my personal preference with respect to the warm light of HiLite Nature, I also have the 2nd tube equipped later with the HiLite Nature.

Also, I had installed a reflector from the outset on the HiLite Nature. On 03.12.2015 the HiLite Day had then get a reflector, since light is noticeably weaker than that of HiLite Nature - lower lumen value or short-wave blue light has been added to the upper layers through the Hygrophila Angustifolia Corymbosa.
Bioflow Filter M - internal filter system filters 3l volume, 5,5Watt
Standard filter media + Cirax
Other equipment:
Dennerle CO2 system with JBL ProFlora Taifun S + JBL ProFlora Taifun Extend reactor (500g reusable bottle)
Approximately 1 bubble in 2 seconds
CO2 supply will start in the morning half an hour before lighting the beginning, ie 09: 30h. Otherwise, the overnight shutdown is linked to the aquarium lighting.
Monitoring the CO2 content with the CO2 long-term test "Correct + pH" of Dennerle

The JBL ProFlora Taifun Extend I have been infected on 21/05/2015 at the existing reactor and extended so as planting well fails.
Technik im Aquarium Vivaline 330 (aufgelöst 2020)
Eheim LED Control
Eheim Power LED+ fresh daylight
Eheim Power LED+ fresh daylight
Daytime Eheim Adapter Profil 150
Do!aqua Music Glass-CO2-Diffusor
Eheim Software für die Lichtsteuerung
On 13.04.2015 I've used:
Melanotaenia praecox (Diamond Rainbow Fish) 5W, 5M
On 21/05/2015 I have used:
Crossocheilus Siamensis (Siamese algae eater) 5St. -> Can be returned to the Aquaristikhändler upon reaching the appropriate size and with the appropriate behavior

Unfortunately, a few hydras.
No worm.
Schmucksalmler, Siamesische Rüsselbarbe, Platy
Schrägschwimmer 17.03.2018
Schmucksalmler 17.03.2018
Schmucksalmler 17.03.2018
Schmucksalmler 17.03.2018
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26 degrees (due to summer), otherwise 23-24 degrees
Carbonate hardness (KH): 6 dKH
The following macro values ​​I have on 07.07.2015 18: 30Hour measured:
Nitrate (NO3): 10mg / l
Phosphate (PO 4): 0.1 mg / l
Ammonium (NH4): 0.15 mg / l
Potassium (K): 7 mg / l
Dennerle Egg refilled. Values ​​will follow shortly.
Carbon dioxide (CO2): ca.
PH value:
I measure the droplet test of Sera and JBL. Monitoring the pH value is to the Dennerle egg.
Flakes Tetra Min
every now and then at irregular intervals white mosquito larvae and water fleas, both as live food.
Further information:
The tap water has an extremely high silicate content. After talking in Aquaristikladen an even higher silicate content is obvious only in Hamburg to measure (in accordance with the locations of Megazoo).
Because of this, 50 percent water changes during the week are excluded because the diatoms otherwise overdraw my plants and stones brownish.
The use of SilikatEx of JBL in the filter I had to stop, unfortunately, because of the hardness value within hours of 6 to 4 ° d was lowered.
On the use of osmosis systems with silicate filters I want to do without. For silicate consumption I have something Egeria densa introduced.
Water change now takes place every 14 days about 30 percent. A higher fish stocking density is now not "more" sought by me.
By far 50 percent water change due to green algae I manured in the subsequent period with the Nano Daily Fertilizer from Dennerle.
Now I ask again to the DENNERLE fertilization system: E15, V30 and additional administration of S7 and PlantaGold 7. From the S7 and the PlantaGold 7 I expect that my plants get fed the necessary macronutrients to a sufficient extent.