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Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
80x34x37 = 100 liters ~ 26 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Home-made LED lighting consisting of Cree Led's Cold-Warm White / Royal Blue / Dark Red. In addition, even were 1m Led Stripes (5630) mounted in white. Furthermore, a special frame for the aquarium was built on which is the profile of lighting and backlighting.
Aquarium Clear Structure
Aquarium decoration:
Lava and ADA Aqua Soil - Amazonia
Dwarf Crytos
Java Fern
Anubias (barteri var.nana)
Japanese Pfeilkraut
Bacopa carolineana
Pogostermon helferi
Dwarf sword plant (Echinodorus latifolius)
Dwarf noble eaves (Eleocharis parvula)
Pflanzen im Aquarium Clear Structure
Special features of the facility:
Bright pagodas stones
Red Mangrove (finger root)
Grundgestell mit Hintergrund-Beleuchtung
Aquarium equipment:
LED Cree LED (700mA) and Led Stripes (12 volts) lighting time 14:00 to 23:45
Internal filter 300 liters
Other equipment:
Co2 (Dennerle)
No heating
Today, shrimp fed:
The caridina multidentata (jap. 大 和 沼 蝦, Yamato numaebi, "Yamato-freshwater shrimp"), Amano shrimp or Japanese freshwater shrimp is conducted under the scientific name Caridina multidentata.
The plan is to trim with:
Kaudi (Phalloceros caudimaculatus), also Einfleckkärpfling, Rautenfleckkärpfling or Vielfleckkärpfling called, is a fish of the subfamily of live-bearing tooth carp. The distribution extends from Rio de Janeiro south to Uruguay, Paraguay and northwestern Argentina. He lives in ponds, pools, ponds and streams.
Der erste Besatz
Besatz im Aquarium Clear Structure
Amano mit Eiern
Water parameters:
Values ​​are submitted
Further information:
Basin is in the running-in phase

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