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Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
120*50*50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium has a two-hole for the external filter in the back, left corner of the aquarium. This must not be placed outside the tubing to the aquarium around. In addition, the aquarium has sliding tubes. The fluorescent tubes are attached to a holder, which runs on a rail. This facilitates the work immensely at Aqua so you can replace or increase flexibility lamps.
Hauptansicht _ 17.06.2015
Hauptansicht 16.05.2015
Hauptansicht 15.05.2015
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Aquarium decoration:
The ground consists of 35kg light gravel with a grain size of 1-2mm. Among them are 9kg Plant Growth substrates soil fertilizer from Tropica. The substrate rises to the rear and to the sides of way.
- Bacopa carolinia
- Limnophila sessiliflora
- Nymphoides hydrophila `Taiwan`s
- Echinodorus `Barthii`
- Pogostemon erectus

- Nymphaea lotus
- Staurogyne repens
- Alternanthera `Rosanervig`
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Ludwigia repens `rubin`
- Unidentifiable

-Hemianthus Callitrichoides `cuba`
-Eleocharis Acicularis `mini`

Moose / Ride:
- Anubias petite` `
- Fissidens fontanus
- Taxiphyllum `Flame`
- Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping'

- Alternanthera reineckii `mini`
- Proserpinaca palustris 'Cuba'

-> All plants from Tropica

The layout I have "set Bay in the middle" to focus on two sides with a kind, ie a U-shape. The Moorkien -and- mangrove roots are each spread with a variety of plants on the left and right sides of the aquarium. Surrounded, the respective sections also from two dragons stones. These two sections creates a spatial effect and also created still plenty of swimming space for the fish. In addition, it also provides easy from class. In the U-shape, there should be noted that the two sections are not symmetrical; at best, a ⅓-⅔ division exists. The black stones in the middle with aufgebundenem Weeping moss are to strengthen the ⅔ effect, which for me, this effect is not as pronounced.

Is fertilized with Femanga Aquaplant fertilizer and Tropica Plant Growth Specialised Fertiliser for fertilizing nitrogen, amino acid and phosphorus.
Tigerlotus mit Otto`s 17.06.15
Aquarium aus Welssicht :D 17.06.2015
Rechter Abschnitt 15.05.2015
Linker Abschnitt 15.05.2015
Ansicht von rechts 15.05.2015
Ansicht von links 15.05.2015
Nymphaea Lotus 15.05.2015
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Special features of the facility:
On the right side two mangrove roots with aufgebundener Anubias and aufgebundenem Fissidens. On the left hand side of Moorkienwurzel with Taxiphyllum and also a Anubias. In addition, even a somewhat lighter mangrove roots with Fissidens (from the old Aqua) and Taxiphyllum in the foreground. Plus dragon rocks and black stones in the middle of the garden.
Moorkien- und Mangrovenwurzel
Aquarium equipment:
-JBL 2 * 39W solar Nature Ultra (9000K) T5 with reflector
-JBL 2 * 39W solar Tropic Ultra (4000K) T5 with reflector

Lighting runs daily from 9: 00-14: 00 clock and from 16: 30-21: 30 clock. So every day it runs for 10 hours with a lunch break of 2.5 hours.
The filter is a JBL Cristal Profi E1501 greenline. It has a pumping capacity of 1400 liters, the hour, and a filter volume of 12 liters. The whole is filtered by 4 filter baskets. The hoses for suction and discharge pass right through the hole at the back left of the aquarium to the filter towards / away. To be able to filter Reiningen two closable valves are also fitted.
Other equipment:
-JBl Flora pro m601 CO2 system (night shutdown retrofitted)
-JBL ProTemp S300
Kontrollparameter an der Rückwand
- 10 Caridina multidentata / Amano shrimp
- 8 ears grid loricariids
- 26 Pristella maxillary / pristella maxillaris
- A couple (1m / 1w) Trichogaster leerii / mosaic thread in Netherlands
Ein Otto 17.06.2015
Zwei Ottos :O 17.06.2015
Der BOSS 17.06.2015
Mosaikfadenfische auf Erkundungstour 16.05.2015
Sternflecksalmler 16.05.2015
Sternflecksalmler 16.05.2015
Sternflecksalmler 16.05.2015
Sternflecksalmler 16.05.2015
Sternflecksalmler 16.05.2015
Amanogarnele im Einsatz
Amanogarnelen lassen sich mit dem Frischwasserstrom mitreißen
Water parameters:
Temperature: 25-26 degrees (heater is set to 23 degrees)
Ph: 6.9-7.1 (after water changes the pH of course always a little higher, but then always descends to 6.9.)
Kh: 6
GH: no test exists, because it is irrelevant.
No2: 0.0 to 0.025
No3: 5
Po4: 0,02-0.05
Co2: 24mg / L; the Co2 supply is set to about 60 bubbles the minute.

The water change is 1x weekly. About 30% of the water to be changed. The water break acts via a Gardena water pump, it is actually intended for pumping up of groundwater, but is used by me to change the water. After a 50% water change per 10 liter bucket, I had no desire to carry on with all the buckets and therefore had to be an alternative. ; D
- Dupla Rin Foods for medium-sized fish
- Sv.B fish food bottom feeders (is not very used at the moment)

Frozen Food:
- Bloodworms
- White mosquito larvae
- Black mosquito larvae
- Mysis
- Artemia
- Daphnia

-> All the frozen food is in a mixed frozen food panel.

Live food:

- Artemia
- Daphnia
- Tubifex
- Enchytraeen
- Etc.

-> Is always brought fresh from the dealer and then later entered the same day or 1-2 days, because it is not as durable. Therefore I conclude that live food is not fixed in a plan with a.

The feeding takes place once a day rather than the evening.