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Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
30x30x = 30 liters ~ 7 gallons (us)
Aquarium Steinige Aussicht
Aquarium Steinige Aussicht
Aquarium decoration:
As substrate I have chosen for a white sand. After I already had a Nano with white sand and depot fertilizer, I have now decided against a soil fertilizer, as this had the sand a bit stained brown arg. Maybe I've done then even to little sand over the fertilizer. It remains to be seen.
Eleocharis acicularis
Cryptocoryne wendtii
Ludwigia repens

I fertilizing with Easy Life Pro Fito 1/3 of the recommended amount. The roots of my plants I have attached NPK fertilizer balls.
Ludwigia Repens
Special features of the facility:
As an additional means I have chosen 5 stones, which I bought in a hunting store.
Aquarium equipment:
I light with a 11 watt Aufsteckleuchte. The lighting time is 11h. and is controlled by a timer.
Currently I use no filter.
Other equipment:
For the CO2 supply, I have chosen a Bio CO2 system.
There is no stocking the aquarium and probably this should remain so.
Water parameters:
Cl 2: 0
KH: 10
GH:> 10
NO3: 10
NO2: 0
PH: 7
Measured with chopsticks test.
The water change is 1 / week about 1/3 the amount of water.
The temperature is around 22-23 °
Further information:
The pool is by no means finished furnishings. If there are suggestions, improvements or criticisms, please also negative as the pelvis comments but please. Many Thanks!