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Gesamtbild (Sommer 2013)
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
60x35x40 = 84 liters ~ 22 gallons (us)
Specific features:
For technology and high plants I have left behind a plexiglass glued-trench (approx 35x4cm). The background consists of black latex paint, which was repeatedly rolled up from the outside onto the pool. Then behind it is still Styrofoam because of the isolation / power consumption.
Aquarium decoration:
1 mm black gravel on agar with Bodenfluter 14W
Cryptocoryne beckettii "petchii"
Narrow Vallis / Vallisneria nana
Dwarf Water Goblet / Cryptocoryne parva
Needle ledges / Eleocharis acicularis
Creeping Staurogyne / Staurogyne spec. Rio Cristalino
Phoenix Moss / Fissidens fontanus
Cryptocoryne wendtii TROPICA
Cuba dwarf pearl herb / Hemianthus callitrichoides CUBA
Dwarf clover / Marsilea hirsuta
Verticillata Hydrocotyle verticillata / Hydrocotyle
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Ammania sp. Bonsai
Pogostemon erectus

I have the time so learned that you initially set Schnellwachser in the basin. Therefore, at first still images waterweed seen as initial stock. Later I heard that you can no longer make the nowadays ...

This is my first high light tank.
April 2013
Aquarium equipment:
DIY with narrow depth of 5cm as hanging lamp
2x 20W LED with 8000K, 1900 lm
Plus 2x 1W LED red (dimmed to about 1/3 capacity)
Open Eheim 2213 with filter wool / pads
Other equipment:
50W heater thermostat, CO2 system, skimmer (Eheim)
2x Apistogramma borellii
20x Feuersalmler (Hyphessobrycon amandae)
12x Amano shrimp
10x Otocinclus spec.
2 antlers snails
Tower snails
Besatz im Aquarium Allerlei Kleinbleibendes
Geselliges Miteinander
Multidentata & tuberculata
Borellii & Otocinclus
Beckettii `petchii`
Die Anfänge mit Wasserpest als Erstbewuchs (und 20W LED-Baustrahler)
Das erste Foto (mit T8-Leuchstoffleuchte)
Der 2. Nachwuchs (frisch ins Zuchtbecken umgesetzt, Alter 1 Woche)
Im Zuchtbecken: Mutter und Kindern (2 Wochen alt) geht es  gut
Becken Sept. 2013
Water parameters:
80% RO, 20% Cologne tap water, water values ​​are not tested.

The heater is set to about 23 ° C.
Drying, freezing and Lebend-