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aktueller Stand
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
40x25x25 = 25 liters ~ 6 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standard 25l pool but with drawn, transparent silicone seams.
For the background a tailored frosted glass sheet is used.
Tag der Einrichtung
Aquarium decoration:
ADA Amazonia Powder Type I, including the Borneo Wild Gravel Accessories 1 to 4. FIG.
Elatine hydropiper
Eleocharis parvula
Blyxa japonica
Weeping Moss
Vesicularia sp.
Fissidens fontanus
Riccardia sp.
Littorella uniflora
Javafarn Trident
Bucephalandra "captain"
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Rotala nanjenshan
Cryptocoryne parva
Asplenium cf. normal
Bolbitis difformis
Special features of the facility:
Mini Landscape
River Roots
Aquarium equipment:
2x 11w Dennerle Nano Light
A 6w T5 cabinet light as a backlight
Illuminated is 4-4-4, so with a 4-hour break in between. Here is always discussed how lunch affects algae growth or plant growth. For me it has the only reason that I did something after work in the evening yet the pool :-).
Eheim 2211 via DIY acrylic glassware. In the filter is only slightly foam. In biological filtration is deliberately omitted so the filter does not take place nutrientdecomposition. The plants and decoration in the basin generate enough surface for sessile, nitrifying bacteria.
Other equipment:
Co2 gas pressure with Dennerle Mini Flipper with about 1 bps (bubbles per second)
HangOn Thermometer
Dennerle Mini Drop Checker with KH4 liquid from Aqua Rebell, which then in green color change represents a CO2 value of 30 mg / l.
6x antlers snails
a pair Dario hysgenion
Water parameters:
PH: 6.7
KH: 2, however, by the rocks rising
GH: 4, but through the stones rising
No2: nn
NH4: nn
No3: around 20 mg / l
PO4: 0.2 mg / l
K: around 20 mg / l
Fe: nn
Temperature: 22 °
Every now and live food (eg newly hatched Artemia) for Dario. It is generally fed sparingly.
Further information:
Fertilization is done via the Orincoco Grow Nano Daily and Orinoco Grow NPK . From Nano Daily Every day 2 drops into the pool, the NPK daily 1-2ml.