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Gelbe Hintergrundbeleuchtung
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
120x50x50 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
* The Yellow backplane lighting gives the viewer the impression that would appear in the sun.
Mit blauer Hintergrundbeleuchtung
Eleocharis acicularis
Aquarium Der Weg
Aquarium Der Weg
Aquarium Der Weg
Aquarium decoration:
* 2x Dennerle Deponit Mix Professional 9.6 kilograms.The Dennerle's aquarium plants nursery has developed in years of test series a specially formulated long-term mineral nutrient medium especially for aquaria DeponitMix Professional. Was modeled on nature. High-quality quartz sands create the optimum bed climate. Selected clay minerals regulate the balance of nutrients. They release nutrients when necessary, and absorb them again when a surplus. Huminreiche Naturtorfe provide a slightly acidic bed environment, and nutrients plants can use. Concentrated nutrient iron combined with vital trace elements ensure balanced growth and rich green leaves. A highly porous special granules make the bio-filter function - for better water and healthier fish. DeponitMix Professional ensures growth and strong roots, even in sensitive species. No added phosphates or nitrates - does not promote algae growth.
Source: www.dennerle.de

* 5 liters EHEIM LAV lava 0.5-1cm as Biosubsttrat the ground. EHEIM LAV consists of lava rock and is a pure natural product. The rough, highly porous structure provides the purification bacteria very good settlement conditions. Since it is a natural material, the granules or fragments in the package are of different sizes. EHEIM LAV can be washed and reused. It is suitable for freshwater and saltwater.
Source: www.eheim.de
* Hygrophila pinnatifida (Gebuchteter Water Friend)

* Eleocharis acicularis (needle ledges)

* Hygrophila difformis (Indian Water Star)

* Microsorum pteropus (Java fern)

* Taxiphyllum Barbieri (Bogor Moss)

Geppii * Fissidens

* Sagittaria subulata (dwarf arrowhead)

* Pogostemon erectus

* Cryptocoryne wendtii brown (Wendt's water trumpet Brown)

* Bolbitis heudelotii (Kongofarn)

* Anubias barteri var. Nana 'Petite' (bonsai dwarf Peer Journal)

* Riccia (pond liverwort)

Partly vitro plants from InVitro-Shop.de
Hygrophylla pinnatifida
Hygrophylla pinnatifida
Anubias bonsai, Pogostemon erectus
 Pogostemon erectus
Sagittaria subulata
Riccia fluitans
Microsorum pteropus
Hygrophila difformis
Special features of the facility:
* Cork Branches
* Elephants stones
* Flusskies- and stones
Elephanten Stone
Fusskies- und Steine
Aquarium equipment:
* 2x JBL Solar Tropic T5 39 Watt
* Equivalent in light color and spectral distribution ideally the needs of aquarium plants
* Inhibits growth of algae through full spectrum equivalent to sunlight
* Fully natural colors through color rendering index 1A (very good)
* Color temperature 4000 Kelvin
* CRI 90 +

* 2x JBL Nature T5 39 Watt
* Especially bright tube for all aquariums
* Great for Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika aquaria
* Inhibits growth of algae through full spectrum equivalent to sunlight
* Fully natural colors through 1 A color rendering index (very good)
* Color temperature 9000 Kelvin
* CRI 90 +
* Eheim External Filter Professional 2 for aquariums up to 350 liters
Excellent filter performance and long service life by ensuring the optimum pump performance and filter material with extreme smoothness of the filter.
For this, a simple operation comes with guaranteed security.
Square shape for large filter volume and structural safety
Detachable hose adapter with integrated shut-off valves, hose safety and locking bracket as a complete unit
Individually removable filter elements with retractable handles for easy handling and convenient partial / Cleaning

1x Filter sponge, 1x Filtervließ and 2 filter baskets Accessories included: nozzle tube, intake tube, discharge tube, Eheim quality hose, installation equipment

* Technical Specifications:
for aquariums up to 350 liters
Pump capacity 700 L / h
Bowl capacity 6.0 L
Filter volume 3.0 L
Power Consumption 20 W
Dimensions: 17.8 x 17.8 x 34 cm

Suitable for fresh and salt water

* Filter materials:

Hobby zeolite

* Biofilter EHEIM Pro substrate
Optimized Bio filter medium with perfect utilization of space, long service life and highest performance degradation. Pro substrate consists of spherical sintered glass. The spherical shape allows for a high bulk density. So the volume of the filter (filter baskets or modules) can be fully exploited. In addition, the optimized surface of the beads for intensive settlement of the important purification bacteria makes. It forms a dense bacterial lawn.

Due to the high number of bacteria and nitrite load peaks are reduced more and extends the service life of the filter material.
EHEIM Pro substrate is suitable for fresh and salt water, is washable and can be used repeatedly.

optimized bio-filter media made of sintered quartz
high bulk density by spherical (beads)
very dense bacterial colonization
longer service life
better reduction in nitrite load
reusable (Carefully rinse for cleaning)
suitable for fresh and salt water

* Eheim Mech Pro
Prefilter of ceramic hollow bodies for coarse dirt particles.
Immediately after the entry into the filter cycle the water is swirled through the hollow ceramic body. This coarse dirt particles are lowered.
The conditioned, pre-filtered water continues its way through the other filter layers. EHEIM MECH is easy to clean and reusable.

Prefilter for coarse dirt particles
ceramic hollow body
easy to clean
suitable for fresh and salt water

Sera filter wool
Other equipment:
* Dennerle Floor Heating 75Watt with heat control 24 volts.
Creates nutrient seepage in the ground Aquarium.Macht a bio-filter.
As floor heating, the floor washlights have proven for years. There are light in flexible, silicone-sheathed heating cables running on 24 V safety extra-low voltage. The transformer is included. The attachment of the cable by means Klemmsaugern.In the table below you find the right Bodenfluter for your aquarium. Nutrient transport and bed filtration will only work perfectly if the heating output is not too strong. Therefore, in almost all cases, an additional water heater is necessary. Data: 75 Watt / 1.8 meters / 7.5 meters / 450-650 l
Source: www.dennerle.de

Dennerle CO2 Plant Fertilizer Set 600 Space-WAY
Refillable reusable 500g reservoir bottle with stable safety stand
Pressure reducer Evolution Space
Adding machine Flipper
CO2 special non-return valve
CO2 hose Softflex, 2m
CO2 long-term test Correct + pH
CO2 Special Indicator
Allen key
Source: www.dennerle.de

* JBL Pro Flora Taifun P 20-400 liters
Small, shapely CO₂ diffuser with ceramic membrane for even enrichment of the aquarium water with the basic plant nutrient, carbon dioxide (CO₂).
With special ceramic for particularly small and uniform CO₂ bubbles.
High quality glass design. This easy to clean.
For connection to any normal CO₂ hoses 4/6 mm.
If the bottom of the glass diffuser is a glass of water, not a separate bubble counter required.
Clean as limescale with JBL BioClean A and algae deposits with JBL Power Clean.
Eheim Filter Professionel 2
Dennerle Co2 Set
JBL Taifun
* 25x Lambchop Rasbora (Rasora espei)

* 3x Siamese algae eater (Crossocheilus siamensis)

* 1x Dwarf Puffer (Carinotetraodon travancoricus)

* 30x Caridina multidentata (Amano Algengarnele)

* 10x Vittina semiconica (Leopard Rennschnecke)

* 15x Otocinclus affinis (ear grating catfish)

* 20x Neritina coromandeliana (Zebra Rennschnecke)
Espes Keilfleckbarbe
Espes Keilfleckbarbe
Otocinclus affinis
Water parameters:
* PH (acidity) 6.6

* GH value (total hardness) 1 ° dGH

* KH-value (carbonate hardness) 9 ° dKH

* No2 (nitrite) 0.05 mg / l

* No3 (nitrate) 20 mg / l

* Temperature about 25 ° C
Organix® of Söll is the first ornamental fish with the MSC label in Europe. The blue logo testifies that in Organix® only seafood from sustainable fisheries are included. For the production of Organix® only fresh raw materials from the pure waters of Alaska is used. Full wild salmon, cod, halibut, herring, shrimp and handgeernteter Kelp stuck in Organix®. These ingredients provide first-class proteins, the immune system strengthening, essential omega 3 - & - 6 fatty acids, natural trace elements, pigment components and a high level of vitamins.

100% fresh natural ingredients:
• vitality
• stronger blaze of color
• clearer water
The unique quality of Organix® will love your fish guaranteed!
Organix® fish feed is * manufactured exclusively for Söll GmbH using a patented manufacturing process in the US from MSC zertifzierter commodity. The labeling of fish products with the MSC label is also in favor of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), because That way you can easily recognize as a consumer environment-friendly products. Söll support WWF's work as a cooperation partner.
Source: www.soelltec.de

* I currently feed Söll Organix Color and the colors of the fish are much more beautiful after a week.

* Two to three times a week abweckslungsreiches living and frozen food. eg White and red Mückemlarven, Artemia, Tubifex
Further information:
* ProFito universal fertilizer
Easy-Life ProFito is a universal plant fertilizer that is suitable for all plants. After much internal and external testing, it is clear that the formula of this product by the rate of plant growth, the sheet formation and regeneration of holey and / or discolored leaves - for example by mineral deficiencies - is the best. The ingredients are put together in the best possible relationship with which the plants are ideally cared for. The composition of this universal fertilizer is so strong that a healthy and lush plant growth is permanently guaranteed. Through the use of ProFito no extra fertilizer additives such as iron and potassium are needed - not even with a strong planting in the majority of cases. ProFito is therefore an absolute universal fertilizer. The separate use of other liquid fertilizers is therefore superfluous - everything you need is already in ProFito.

Benefits ProFito:

a highly concentrated and complete universal fertilizer
all the nutrients in one product
makes the extra addition of iron and potassium in the majority of cases superfluous
ensures a strong, healthy and lush plant growth
promotes the formation of cytokinins and thus cell division bigger and broader
Leaves, especially intensive leaf color
relieves the aquarium water improves and the biological balance in the aquarium receives
multiple stabilized
nitrate and phosphate free
very economical in use
promotes cell division

Due to the high concentration of iron, potassium and magnesium in ProFito everything is done for the plant needs to be able to absorb these nutrients optimally around. In addition, this plant food consists of many so-called. Micro-nutrients, such as manganese, boron, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, copper, tin, nickel, fluorine, iodine, aluminum, selenium and vanadium. These substances - plus a number of rare minerals -. Give the plants exactly what they need for healthy growth. The plants are stimulated to cytokinins (plant hormone) to form in large quantities so that cell division is strongly encouraged. The leaves are larger and wider. In addition, the color of the leaves is additionally intensified.

Because the nutrient supply of ProFito is so rich, aquatic plants will grow fast and strong. Undesirable substances in the aquarium water - such as nitrogen and phosphate compounds - are absorbed more quickly by the plants. Nitrate, phosphate and ammonium are removed faster from the plants out of the water. The water is relieved in this way optimally with ProFito. Similarly, the biological balance of the aquarium is improved.
In order not to burden the aquarium water in addition, of course ProFito contains no nitrates or phosphates. The nutrients of this product are stabilized by multiple div. Chelators. An anti-oxidant and a preservative prevent the deterioration of the product against which a longer shelf life is guaranteed. The product you can cool and dark place to extend the shelf life policy. However, getting out of the reach of children.

The dosage is very economical: 10 ml per 100 liters aquarium water every week.
You can add 1/7 of the total dosage daily.

I fertilizing 15ml every two days.

* Easy Life Easy Carbo
Easy-Carbo is a very powerful and efficient carbon fertilizer for all aquarium plants and promotes the growth of plants with organic and not with mineral substances. It can be used in aquariums with or without additional CO2 fertilization and increase the competitive ability of the plants to algae and therefore contributes to the reduction of all types of algae. After a short time, a strong growth spurt in the aquarium plants is emerging. EasyCarbo looks ideal in combinaion with Easy-Life ProFito plant food, which is very economical in use. Take 1 ml per 50 liters of water is sufficient, more than 2 ml per 50 liters of water, only in heavily planted tank.

I fertilizing every day [...]