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Momentaner Stand der Dinge! Noch mit alter Beleuchtung und ohne AAbdeckung und Schrankverkleidung
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
200x60x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
So, as I describe the basin here, it does not yet exist. At the moment, this pool is running as a discus tank. But I want to give my discus, I present here an advance planning for it. In order to reach the I both positive and negative criticism for planning get. Images can be set as soon as the conversion has begun

Now to the pool:
- Custom-made from 12mm float glass of Friedeberg ATD
- 2 holes in the left pane
-> For 32mm pipe
- Glass-cover disks
-> Will be replaced by a self-made cover
- Pool stands in a niche
- Cabinet is a self-made from Y-Tong stones
Aquarium decoration:
White sand
50 Kg
0.4 - 1.4mm grit
For planting is to say that the majority is planted in the left part of the basin. Law is working almost exclusively with wood and stones. Also to be seen what plants survive in the basin.

Javafarn / Microsorum pteropus

Country of origin: Asia
Height: 15-30 cm
Spread: 12-20 cm +
Light requirements: very low-large
Temperature: 18-30 ° C
Water hardness: very soft-hard
PH: 5 to 8
Growth: slowly
Simplicity: easy

Moss ball / Cladophora Aegagropila

Country of origin: Europe - East Asia, northern hemisphere
Height-width: 1 to 25 cm diameter
Light requirements: low to semi-shade
Temperature 4 - 28 ° C
Water hardness: soft - hard
PH: 5.5 to 8
Growth: slowly, 1cm in
Simplicity: easy

Great Amazon sword plant / Echinodorus bleheri

Country of origin: South America
Height: 20 to 50 cm
Spread: 25 to 40 cm
Light requirements: low to very large
Temperature: 20 to 30 ° C
Water Hardness: soft to hard
PH: 5.5 to 9
Growth: fast, week 1 sheet
Simplicity: easy

Spotted green sword plant / green Echinodorus ozelot

Country of origin: South America
Height: 20 - 40+ cm
Spread: 25 - 30 cm
Light requirements: low - very large
Temperature: 15 - 30 ° C
Water hardness: very soft-very
PH: 6 to 9
Growth: medium, 2 - 4 sheets per month
Simplicity: easy

Red Tiger Lotus / Nymphaea lotus var. Rubra

Country of origin: West Africa
Height: 20-50 cm
Spread: 20-30 cm
Light requirements: medium-very high
Temperature: 22 - 30 ° C
Water hardness: very soft-hard
PH: 5 to 8
Growth: medium, wöchtl. 1 sheet
Simplicity: Medium

Red Riesenvallisneria / Vallisneria Rubra Serpenta

Country of origin: Central America
Height: 60 to 100 cm
Spread: 6 to 10 cm
Light requirements: medium - very large
Temperature: 24 - 28 ° C
Water hardness: medium to hard
PH: 5 to 10
Growth: 2 monthly sheets
Simplicity: easy

Java moss / Vesicularia dubyana

Country of Origin: Southeast Asia
Height: 5+ cm
Spread: 5+ cm
Light requirements: very low - large
Temperature: 15 - 28 ° C
Water hardness: very soft - very hard
PH: 5 to 9
Growth: slowly
Simplicity: easy

Grassy dwarf sword plant / Echinodorus latifolius

Country of origin: South America - Brazil
Height: 5 - 15 cm
Spread: 5 - 10+ cm
Light requirements: high - very high
Temperature: 20 - 28 ° C
Water hardness: soft - very hard
PH: 5.5 to 8
Growth: fast, week 1 sheet
Simplicity: easy

Water lettuce - water lettuce - Green water Rose / Pistia stratiotes

Country of origin: cosmopolitan
Height: 1-5 cm
Spread: 5-20 + cm
Light requirements: medium-very high
Temperature: 15-30 ° C
Water hardness: very soft to very hard
PH: 5 to 8
Growth: quickly
Simplicity: easy
Special features of the facility:
Left panel:
- A Risiege mangrove roots
- Stones

Upper section:
Moorkien and other branches which are hung into the basin from the top, it looks as if a tree grow there in the water

Rear panel:
- Back to Nature Slim Line Red Gneiss
- Fixed to the rear wall and the left side window
- Right side wheel is covered with black painted styrofoam
Aquarium equipment:
It is certainly a lighting over LED's. However, I'm still not sure of the manufacturer I will take them.
The lighting time will be 10 to 12 hours per day.
As a biofilter corner HMF will be used
Matt Size: 60x50cm; 4cm thick
Pore ​​size: 20 ppi (Intermediate)

The pump of HMF's I build from a Tunze Nano Stream 6045
5-7 Watts
1500 - 4500 l / h
Runs at 5 watts and 1500 l / h

In addition to HMF I'll run a quick filter.
This consists of a black filter mat and a flow pump.
Matt Size: 15x60cm; 4cm thick
Pore ​​size: 20 ppi (Intermediate)

As pump also comes the Tunze Nano Stream 6045 for use as the biofilter. However, it runs the quick filter at full rated power.
This means:
4500 l / h
7 Watt
The quick filter is cleaned regularly change the water with.

The flow of the pump is passed with the help of 40mm PVC pipe through the mat forward.
Other equipment:
- 300 Watt JBL heater behind HMF
-> Will probably later be replaced by a Titanheizstab

Since the pool is still under construction may follow another Technick!
Schnellfilter von oben
HMF von oben und die Anschlüsse für den Wasserwechsel
- 1x Panaque cf. nigrolineatus
- Xx Red Fire / Sakura shrimp

This is just about to start stocking the pelvis.
Water parameters:
Temp .: 26-27 ° C
pH: 6.8
KH: 2-3
GH: 5
NO²: 10-25mg
NO³: 0mg
Silicate: 0mg
I guess that will settle the values ​​like this.

Water is treated with a 3 stage water filter:
1. 1 micron prefilter
2. Carbon Filter
3. ceramic filter

25-50% water change per week
Frozen Food:
- Artemia
- Krill fine
- Black mosquito larvae
- White mosquito larvae
- Bloodworm
- Mysis
- Benker's shrimp rough
- Benker's shrimp finely
- Benker's discus Royal

Dry food:
- Tropical D-Allio Plus
- Tropical Spirulina forte
- Tropical Krill Flake
- Tropical Welsi Gran

Live food:
- Artemia
- Enchytraeen
- Shrimp; if the fish can hunt which

Fresh Vegetables:
- Cucumbers
- Zucchini
-> Let's see if it is eaten, so far the Panaque only wood and the discus feed eaten with me.
Further information:
- When changing the water I give Easy-Life ProFito added. Approximately 50ml
- At the roots of plants are also NPK fertilizer balls

-> The fertilizer balls for nearly all the plants in the basin sufficient because most of their nutrients through their roots absorb