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Aquarium Hauptansicht von 80l Naturaquarium
Description of the aquarium:
Tank size:
63-36-36 = 80 liters ~ 21 gallons (us)
Specific features:
80l ATB NanoLine pool, it has no front silicone seams but rounded full glass
Aquarium 80l Naturaquarium
Aquarium decoration:
3l Hobby Bonalit covered by 10l Colombo Flora Base Aqua Soil
- Eleocharis acicularis
- Microsorum pteropus narrow leave
- Cryptocoryne wendtii green and brown
- Cryptocoryne mi oya
- Nymphaea lotus
- Pogostemon erectus
- Rotala rotundfolia
- Cyperus helferi
- Some chickweed and Brasil. Floating pennywort
Special features of the facility:
- Lava
- Amtra Moorwood
Aquarium equipment:
Arcadia OTL T8 2x15 Watt
- Front JBL Solar Nature
- Rear JBL Tropic
Lighting time of 10-14 Clock and 17.30-22 clock
Eheim 2222 canister filter, 500l / hour
exclusively equipped with filter sponges
Suction via surface deducting JBL
Other equipment:
- 50 Watt heater thermostat
- CO2 pressure gas system with night off and bubbler
- Drop Checker to check the CO2 content
- 15 Microrasbora erythromicron (Tuck Zwergbärblinge)
- 5 Trichopsis pumila (growling gourami)
- 13 Amano shrimp
- 9 otocinclus
Besatz im Aquarium 80l Naturaquarium
Besatz im Aquarium 80l Naturaquarium
Besatz im Aquarium 80l Naturaquarium
Besatz im Aquarium 80l Naturaquarium
Water parameters:
pH: 6
KH: 0 °
GH: 5-6 °
NO3: 10-25 mg / l
NO2: nn
PO4: 0.1 mg / l
Fe: fluctuates as required
Temperature: 24.5 ° C
Frost and live food
Granulated food and catfish tablets from JBL
now and then some vegetables
Further information:
Fertilize every day with Aqua Rebell Basic macro.
Easy Life Ferro and Aqua Rebell mikroBASIC as needed.
At the moment I give every day to still 5ml EasyCarbo.