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200 Liter Mittelamerikabecken
Description of the aquarium:
Central America
Tank size:
100x40x50 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Mangrovenwurzel mit Bepflanzung
Aquarium decoration:
Black gravel 2-3mm grain, not sharp-edged. 35kg (brand unknown 13 years ago)
Some Deep black ovals pebble 8-12mm for beautification. 3kg
2x very large mother plants Anubias barteri (Broad Speerblatt) tied to mangrove woods with cable ties

1x Spathiphyllum, or German sheaths, leaf flag, One strip which is growing at a einhängetopf (holes).

2x Efeutute hooked with plastic root protection for starters, the boom shall they take root into the water and then let's see how the fish bypass (in breeding behavior seize Zebras everything from what is in the way)

Fertilization is given with Dennerle V30 / E15 / S7 System fertilization by the manufacturer (frequency).
Special features of the facility:
1. Mangrove wood roots HxB 45cm x 30cm
2. Mangrove wood roots HxB 25cm x 20cm

Approximately 25kg. Hole rock from Japan

2x Caves clay 3-4cm

1x CD spindle cover with countless holes, which is hanging up in the pool and can accommodate Sumpfplanzen.
Aquarium equipment:
In Jewel original cover

1x Dennerle Trocal de Luxe T8 African Lake (back) 30 Watt
1x JBL Marin Day 15000K (front) 30 Watt
External Filters: EHEIM professionel 3e 700
-Runs throttled at its lowest setting

Filter materials:
Basket detail in the flow direction
1.Korb: Dennerle Turbo Filter Chips *****
2.Korb: Dennerle Bio Filter Towers ***** S
3.Korb: Dennerle Turbo Filter pearls *****
4.Korb: Dennerle Turbo Filter pearls *****
Fine filtration: Dennerle Filterwatte mat *****

The best combination ever in my experience, but really nasty expensive
Other equipment:
Flow pump: Tunze Nano Stream 6045 adjusted to about 3000l / h.

Eheim diffuser: At the output of the EHEIM professionel 3e 700 2078

Intermittent Aufzuchteinhängebecken of hobby for young fish rearing

Radial fans (blowing over the surface) with 24V power properly connected to NEN PSU for hot summer days.
Tunze Nanostream 6045 mit Magnethalter
Eheim Diffusor
6x Cryptoheros nigrofasciatus (2Männchen 8cm, 4 females 6-7cm)
ca 10 x 15mm juveniles nigrofasciatus Cryptoheros

3x Ancistrus dolichopterus (1 males 13cm) 2 females (9-10cm)
8x Ancistrus dolichopterus (12mm) in Aufzuchteinhängebecken
gemeiner blauer Antennenwels
Wels sowie Zebrabuntbarschbaby bei Nacht
Water parameters:
GH: 13 dGH
PH: 7.3
Room temperatures: usually 27.3 ° C (26-28 ° C)
Nitrite: 0.0
Nitrate: 0-5mg / l
KH: about 8-9 ° d
Oxygen: always good saturation

Wasserwachsel I do every Saturday so 1 time a week CA- 45 percent

1. JBL Novo Pleco Catfish Tabs with wood fibers
2. Nature Food PREMIUM STICKS for catfish XL 4-6mm - for all L-catfish
The catfish ever mitfuttern vigorously at the perch :-)


3. Sera discus granules
4. Sera granured
5. Nature Food SUPREME Artemia L 1.4 to 2.2 mm - for fish from 8 cm
6. Nature Food PREMIUM COLOR plus M 1.4-2.2 mm - for ornamental fish from 8 cm
7. Nature Food PREMIUM CICHLID L 3.0-4.0 mm - for large cichlids from 12cm (popular toy)
8. Nature Food PREMIUM CICHLID PLANT M 1.4-2.2 mm - cichlids from 6 cm

Lined is always 1-2 times a day and late at night (catfish)
It is fed every day a different mix of the above-mentioned foods.
lower meat content, higher plant content.

Occasionally, but rarely about every 3 weeks frozen food like brine shrimp and white mosquito larvae