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Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
200x(40x60x40)x60 = 600 liters ~ 158 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Panorama basin wide-200cm; High-60cm; Deep-40cm 60cm outside & in the middle. So ca.600-700 liter.
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Aquarium decoration:
Sand and lava rock
Slate and various stones
Dark Green Water Goblet
Echinodorus cordifolius
Rotblättriges Papageienblatt
Red Tiger Lotus
small water friend
Special features of the facility:
different "Pebbles"
15Kg slate (as "room divider")
Mangrove roots
GRP rear wall in stone look

various caves of slate and gravel
Aquarium equipment:
1 x Solar -JBL, LT58W, natural 9000K
1 x Solar -JBL, LT58W, Tropic

Lighting period 10 - 22 pm
Fluval FX5
- (the gets everything out !!)

Eheim Professional3
- (thanks to the pre-filter, very well used as a bio filter, as filter material is not filthy, extremely long service life)
Other equipment:
2 x 350Watt heating rods


-CO2 System with night shut off
-Easy - Life iron fertilizer / Pro Fito (10ml to 100 liters of water, 1x all 2weeks)
Fluval FX5 links, Eheim Professional3 (Satnd 2016)
1 - scalar
3 - pangio
8 - Emperor Tetra
1 - Goldstörwelse (Sturisoma Aureum)
6 - armored catfish
3 - Siamese trunk Barben
2 - loaches
2- catfish
15 - hyphessobrycon bentosi (white-fin)
Besatz im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Da war sie noch jung.. 2016
der hat sich Gestreckt.. 11.2019
Water parameters:
GH - 14 ° dH
KH - 10 ° dH
pH - 7.25
Nitrite - <0.3 mg / l
Nitrates - 25mg / l
CO2 - 15mg / l

Temp: 26 ° C
- Flakes - 2-3days a week
- Cucumber and paprika for catfish
- 1-2 times a week Artemia
- Mosquito larvae 1-2 times a month
Further information:
Partial water changes every 2 weeks (about 30%)
Filter cleaning always change depending on the contamination (usually every 2 weeks; up to biological filter)

the loaches:
I realize how big these animals can be, furthermore also should be kept in groups. The animals originate from a pelvic resolution (60L). But I also none is known having a basin where these animals Artgerecht could be kept!