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Stand Dezember 2009
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
200x(40x60x40)x60 = 600 liters ~ 158 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Panorama basin wide-200cm; High-60cm; Deep-40cm 60cm outside & in the middle. So ca.600-700 liter.
Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Aquarium decoration:
Sand and lava rock
Slate and various stones
Dark Green Water Goblet
Echinodorus cordifolius
Rotblättriges Papageienblatt
Red Tiger Lotus
small water friend
Special features of the facility:
different "Pebbles"
15Kg slate (as "room divider")
Mangrove roots
GRP rear wall in stone look

various caves of slate and gravel
Dekoration im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Die Größte muß sich verstecken... :)
Dekoration im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Aquarium equipment:
1 x Solar -JBL, LT58W, natural 9000K
1 x Solar -JBL, LT58W, Tropic

Lighting period 10 - 22 pm
Fluval FX5
- (the gets everything out !!)

Eheim Professional3
- (thanks to the pre-filter, very well used as a bio filter, as filter material is not filthy, extremely long service life)
Other equipment:
2 x 350Watt heating rods


-CO2 System with night shut off
-Easy - Life iron fertilizer / Pro Fito (10ml to 100 liters of water, 1x all 2weeks)
Fluval FX5 links, Eheim Professional3
1 - scalar
3 - pangio
8 - Emperor Tetra
1 - Goldstörwelse (Sturisoma Aureum)
6 - armored catfish
3 - Siamese trunk Barben
2 - loaches
2- catfish
15 - hyphessobrycon bentosi (white-fin)
Besatz im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Besatz im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
R.I.P meine hüpsche! Ein wunderbares Weibchen.  Ich bekam Sie 2007, und hatte da
Mein neues Weibchen.
Besatz im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Besatz im Aquarium Prachtschmerlen Gesellschaft
Water parameters:
GH - 14 ° dH
KH - 10 ° dH
pH - 7.25
Nitrite - <0.3 mg / l
Nitrates - 25mg / l
CO2 - 15mg / l

Temp: 26 ° C
- Flakes - 2-3days a week
- Cucumber and paprika for catfish
- 1-2 times a week Artemia
- Mosquito larvae 1-2 times a month
Further information:
Partial water changes every 2 weeks (about 30%)
Filter cleaning always change depending on the contamination (usually every 2 weeks; up to biological filter)

the loaches:
I realize how big these animals can be, furthermore also should be kept in groups. The animals originate from a pelvic resolution (60L). But I also none is known having a basin where these animals Artgerecht could be kept!