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Becken Ausschnitt
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
200 x 80 x 60 = 960 liters ~ 253 gallons (us)
Specific features:
"Land part" of emergent plants, automatic twilight morning and evening on dimming fluorescent lamps, relatively large footprint and thus very flexible in setting
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Aquarium decoration:
1-2 mm quartz gravel (coarse sand, quite bright)
... Has nothing survives

One strip and Efeutute
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Special features of the facility:
Holestone and burl
Aquarium equipment:
submers: 2 x 54W fluorescent lamps (T5 Daylight, Full Spectrum)
emers: 2 x 54W fluorescent lamps (T5 Daylight, Full Spectrum)
morning + evening dimmed automatically via relays / RC elements, Eigenbau for about 50 €
External filters 2217 and 2215

The basin is equipped on both sides with PVC rear bushings in the base plate. Thus, there is no disturbing exterior hose.

Internal Filter 2252 for flow
Other equipment:
Heating by hot water circulation of the central heating (heat exchanger)

Since Dec 2012: Ozonizer 100mg of Sander runs, yet reduced in power and often temporally disabled. The system needs to be retracted.
"Cichlasoma" gram modes 1/1
Parachromis friedrichsthalii 1/1
Cichlasoma Salvini 1/1
Aquidens rivulatus 1/1
Herichtys carpinte 0/1
+ 10 hybrids Cichlasoma nanoluteus / septem

2 Ancistrus (adult)
1 Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps / honeycomb signs Wels (approx 8cm)
friedrichshalii m
friedrichshalii w
grammodes m
grammodes w
salvini m
salvini w
rivulatus m
rivulatus w
septem nanoluteus Hybride m
septem nanoluteus Hybride w
Hybride balzend im Hintergrund
carpinte w
Fütterung 2
Water parameters:
not measured
Flakes, sticks
frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp

+ Zucchini and cucumber for catfish

The vegetables can be good with stainless steel Schauben complain. With the nylon thread can easily collect the rest.
Further information:
Since my 720L tank was leaking the end of 2011. I needed a new one. Technology, equipment and stocking have largely been taken over.

The photos show the water clearer and brighter than the pool actually is. On a photo of the actual degree of color can be seen.