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Description of the aquarium:
Mixed East Africa tanks
Tank size:
130x70x60 = 546 liters ~ 144 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Cover: is the share of three self-made Plexiglas that can be shuffled, with integrated feed opening back and.
And an aluminum frame to which the pool was almost.
The basin: 12mm glass, stossverklebt, custom-made
The pool is on the former exterior wall of the house which has been slightly changed and broadened.
Back of the pelvis masked with sun-reflecting foil.
Becken am 1.06.08
Becken am 10.09.08
Becken am 7.12.08
Aquarium decoration:
fine beige sand from the hardware store; 0,4-0,8mm
at 4-10 cm height piled rising backwards
approx: 80 kg
Special features of the facility:
It was a photo from the lake as well as he modeled therefore also the root as well as in Malawi or Lake Tanganyika fallen trees or just drift wood therein.

The device consists of a rear wall of Pangea "Rocky 4".:
Originally 1600mm long, from the highly structured rest I've still 2 module stones carved, hollowed out and angepast, so as
Overhangs and caves can be genutz,
Furthermore, I have 2 modules of Back to Nature as a rock shelter cobbled together behind a is the Tunze housed.

they are generally not in a Malawi basin since they affect the water values, unless:
man take a watered already for several years (since no more tear), dry them again and then paint them with several layers of epoxy resin, they can then do not leach more and that is epoxide of the Rückwandselbstbauten already known and harmless.
Aquarium equipment:
Hanging Lamp by Glo, with 2x39Watt T5 tubes with reflector, in accordance with the tips of Tim Weber provided with a dimming circuit (genial, the man must simply reconstructed, thanks again!)

x Life Glo 6700K
x Arcadia Marine Blue Actinic
x moonlight (blue LED)

Lighting time .:
9:00 to 9:25 CLOCK Sunrise
14.00-15.15 clock cloud phase, light dims slowly down and back up so imitates a few rain clouds ('d always wanted changed and turned, beautiful toy, is not sunshine every day)
21.30-23.00 clock Sunset
22.45-01.00 clock moonlight
Eheim Professionel 2224 with 700 l / h
Eheim Professionel 2227 mit1050 l / h, filter interval

Filter media 2224: clay tubes, sintered quartz stones
Filter media 2227: 4kg Lewatit MP 600

Rear wall used as a biofilter, detailed explanation under "back to nature" of the inlet takes place über2 approx: 50mm holes on the lower right side, which are intake in the corner on the other, the outlet is effected 2-3cm below the surface entirely and Links Centered.
The filter chamber is equipped with Backtoballs and small cubes Matt.
Other equipment:
Jäger 300W - heater thermostat integrated in the rear wall

Tetratec UVC clarifier 400

Internal thermometer

Strömmungspumpe Tunze 4500 liters / h (surface movement)
Strömmungspumpe Koralia 3600 liters / h (medium range)

the hose connections of a Eheim pump were with taps and branch so built that I can easily do without "mess" when changing the water just outside in the garden ansschließe per Gardenaschnellverschluß and so be. and drainage.
meine 2 Pumpen und der UV Filter
Kugelhähne mit Schlauchanschluß außerhalb zum Be,-und Entleeren
meine geniale fischfalle
XXXsynodontis multipunktatus (kukuswels) 1/2 wf + 3-4 f1 XXX

XXXpseudotropheus dolpin manda (first import-absulut rar) 1/2 wf XXX

XXXpseudotropheus msobo magunga 1/4 wf XXX

XXXcynotilapia Afra withje top hara gallireya reef 2/3 f1 + f2 3-4 XXX

XXXprotolemeas taiwan reef 1/2 nz XXX

XXX potamonautes orbitanes, blue crab Malawi 1w XXX
Water parameters:
Water temperature is 24- 26 degrees, depending on room temperature, if necessary switches off the heating at 24 degree
pH 7.8-8.2 (related to the change of water together)
KH value 10
GH: approx.14 degrees dGH
Not meßbar.kein nitrate measurement error!
Nitrite unmeasurable.

Water Exchange, approx. Every 7- 14 days, is related to the Futterintennsität and the water consumption of flowers, around 30%.
according to their own experiences, and consultation with members of the association is too much varied food, not conducive, especially the use of frozen food has often lost geführt.unser tip therefore take high quality food, the fish will be you look danken.ich with farbenpracht and healthy feed mainly :

Aquatic Nature Cichlid Excel S
Tropical Malawi
Tropical Spirulina 36%

one, two fast days a week no specific days, and then only enough to feed what they wegfuttern within 2-3min thank you fish with a normal appearance, and a natural size