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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Mein Großes
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
80 x 35 x 40 = 110 liters ~ 29 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Jewel record 110 (complete set) open at the top
Vor der Umgestaltung
Gesamtansicht 17.08.2009
Von der Seite 17.08.2009
Bei Nacht
Aquarium Mein Großes
16.Juni 2010
Aquarium decoration:
gray tone of about 1 cm
black gravel 1 to 3 mm approximately 6 cm high
Microsorum pteropus `Windeløv` to root (Windelov's small Java Fern)
Sagittaria subulata

Anubias barteri `Coffeefolia (Kaffeeblättriges Speerblatt)
Anubias nana var barteri `Gold`
Cryptocoryne wendtii Brown ("Brown wendtii")
Vallisneria nana (Narrow Vallis / Zwergvallisnerie)

Aponogeton crispus (Aponogeton Crispus)
Heteranthera zosterifolia (heteranthera)
Ludwigia repens (Creeping Ludwigia)
Cryptocoryne spiralis
Crinum calamistratum
Vallisneria nana (Narrow Vallis / Zwergvallisnerie)
Nymphaea lotus var. Rubra (Red Tiger Lotus)
Hygrophila stricta Tailand (Narrow-giant water friend)

Floating plants:
Lemna Minor (small duckweed)
Limnobium laevigatum (little frog bite)

Spiranthes odorata (Wasserorchidee)
Kleiner Froschbiss mit  Wasserlinsen
Spiranthes odorata
Spiranthes odorata Blütenstängel
Hygrophila stricta Tailand mit Blüten
Aponogeton crispus - Blüte
Aponogeton crispus - Blüte
Anubias barteri var nana Gold
Special features of the facility:
Juwel Stone Granite
some rocks (green jade)
three clay pipes (closed back)
two Moorkienwurzeln
Alder cones
Aquarium equipment:
Arcadia OTL T8 fluorescent tubes with 2 x 25W with reflectors
Front: Sera brilliant daylight (6000 Kelvin)
Rear: Dennerle Special Plant (3000 Kelvin)
Lighting time: 10-22Uhr

From 9 - 10 and 22-24 clock moonlight (three blue LEDs)
Juwel Filter System Compact (3-liter Bio-Power)
Flow rate: 400l / h
equipped with (from bottom to top):
a fine sponge, two rough sponges and a filter fabric.
Other equipment:
100 W heater
Bio CO2 system consisting of:
- A 1L PET bottle (fermenter)
- The Dennerle bubbler (also serves as a bubbler)
- And the Dennerle Topper

230g sugar
300ml water
a packet of glaze
2-3 pinches of dried yeast
Bio Co2 Anlage (Gärbehälter)
Überbleibsel der Dennerle Bio Co2 Anlage
A pair Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (mikrogeophagus altispinosus)
10 x Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi (Black Neon)
2 x Panaqolus sp. aff. maccus

Tower snails and bubble snails
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Großes
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Großes
Fox Mulder
`Ich hab die Pflanze nicht ausgebuddelt. Ganz ehrlich!!`
Dana Scully
Wer findet den Wels?
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Großes
`Schau, wie toll ich bin!`
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Großes
Mein Liebling
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Großes
Besatz im Aquarium Mein Großes
LDA 67
Water parameters:
Temperature 26 °
pH 6.8
GH 6
KH 4
Nitrite: undetectable
Nitrate:> 10

GH, KH, nitrite and nitrate measured with droplet test
pH measured by Uralyt-U indicator strips

Water change: Weekly approximately 40% with approximately 20L osmosis water, 10L peat water and tap water
JBL Novo Bel flake food
Dajanapet Color Flakes
Tropical D`allio Plus (with garlic)
dried daphnia
JBL Novo Pleco
Frozen Food:
black mosquito larvae
white mosquito larvae
Live food:
and in the summer black mosquito larvae from our own breeding)
1 time daily in AC
For the catfish: cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, carrots and nettles
Further information:
Fertilization daily 5 drops a day Noname iron fertilizer with potassium and vitamin C (no idea what that is supposed to be good ...)
Something phosphate if required