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Stand 1. November 2008
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed East Africa tanks
Tank size:
120 x 85 x 60 cm = 350 liters ~ 92 gallons (us)
Specific features:
In the rear corner-bonded windows for subdivision into filter chamber and pumping chamber and a cable shaft to cabinet. This pelvic width is limited to about 60 cm depth swimming area. The pool size for fish, deco and Co. is approximately 300 liters.
Meine vorherige Einrichtung, auch nicht mehr Steine
Aquarium Becken 9554
1. November 2008
Aquarium decoration:
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia - Giant Water Goblet
Anubias barteri var. Nana
Special features of the facility:
As background I chose black. Externally attached cardboard. Rear walls in whether self-built or purchased to see great but take a lot of space.

Malawi in Germany, I would say, therefore:
Background / rocks / sand = black / red / gold

In the main filter chamber I have introduced black film between the filter mass and disc Siprorax- and ceramic rolls I find but not soooo handsome.
Anubias barteri var. nana
Weil ich den großen zufällig im Garten hatte, habe ich nur rote Steine gesammelt.
Aquarium equipment:
3 fluorescent tubes
= 2 pieces Aqua Glo 90cm + 60cm
= 1 piece Power Glo 90 cm
Exchanged is only one tube at a time, and only when it is no longer illuminated.
Rear Blade Rear biofilter ca 25 liters Siporax and ceramic rolls.
Unlike external filters of this large filter for many years is working properly without having rinsed over the top foam pad about 2-3 times per year. Otherwise every 10 days a partial water change (35 - 40%). Algae I had with this pool never (except now and then times to clean the discs).
Other equipment:
Pump AquaClear 3000-11 Watt, capacity, I do not remember. I have the pump for so long.
The filter should not be so "shot through", thus the pump is not too strong. I appreciate so 600 to 800 liters / h.
Ausstömer pump, oxygen must be pure, and many plants are not in it. In addition, a 21 Watt pump for flow ensures the pelvis. Fat and lazy is no one here ..... I have ever look again, as the name of the flow pump. Geb'ich then here.
Jäger adjustable heater scale 200 Watt
Technik im Aquarium Becken 9554
5 x Pseudotropheus lombardoi
Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga 8 x
4 x Synodontis petricola
3 x Gyrinocheilus aymonieri
Pseudotropheus lombardoi
1. Juli 2008
Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga
Pseudotropheus lombardoi
Lombardoi Bock 7.7.08 ca. 5cm
Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga
Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga
Lombardoi Bock 1.11.08
Water parameters:
I care for about 18 years cichlids and have stopped about 5 years ago, to constantly check the water values. The water is always crystal clear, the values ​​were always in Perch moderate range, the fish are always healthy and in full color.
Here comes only every 10 days fresh water pure (35-40%). No dresser or other to do so. In Hamburg quasi comes Malawi water from the tap ;-).
Nevertheless, I'm going to again define a simple test set for GH, PH, nitrite, nitrate. Then I carry the values ​​for here.
Water temperature is relatively constant around 26 degree / C.
- Sera granugreen
- JBL Grana Cichlid
- At times lettuce, peppers or cucumber what degree has so away from and ...
- Krill (frozen)
- Spirulinahaltige sticks, remainders, I just aufbrauche. I hate these floating sticks. Which cichlid gets there in Africa for his Fresschen from the surface.
Further information:
The stone constructions can be increased if the plants are than the Mbunas "brawny" slower "bushy".
I know very well about the aggressiveness of the nick name. but I had better experience if the animal but can be seen here and there. Then go namely not everybody visual contact at each other.
am I wrong this time, I'll raise the mountains. With the stones which I still do, I could set up the Lake Malawi newly ;-)