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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
200x80x60 cm = 960 liters ~ 253 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin has been glued together (attic) locally and has a double overflow shaft with overflow and soil extraction.
The basin has 5 floor holes.
1 x 25 mm fresh water supply for the water change
1 x 25 mm for sewage water change
1 x 50 mm drain for filter basins
1 x 25 mm emergency overflow
1 x 25mm inlet

The inlet is at the right corner the others are left inside the shafts.

The pool is on a self-made steel base in 40 mm square tube. The frame is covered with abnehmbaren16 mm buchefunier chipboard, which also serve as the same gravel cover
hier mal mit offenem Unterschrank
Aquarium decoration:
40 kg play sand as the quartz sand to me was too bright
2 x Crinum Thainanium
Aponogetifolia 3 x Cryptocoryne
1 x Nymphaea lotus

I like it just green.
Echinodorus Rubin
Echinodorus Rubin
Echinodorus Ozelot
Nymphaea lotus / Tigerlotus
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
Crinum thaianum links
Special features of the facility:
Panguea backplane Rocky
200-300 kg various stones which are stacked along the entire back wall into a pile which reaches up to the water surface
Das Versteck der Tunze
hier nochmal das Versteck der Tunze
Die rechte Seite
Die Mitte
Der doppelte Schacht
Die Rückwand im Bau
auch der Rückwandbau
Aquarium equipment:
Top luminaire switchable 4 x 25 Watt 2/2
2 x Sylvania AquaStar 2 + X? (Original)
Light time 13-23 clock with 2 x Sylvynia AquaStar
200 liters Kunsttoff filter tank in the lower cabinet
The filter tank is has its own overflow connected to the drain
As pump acts a Tunze recirculation pump Master
Power: 35-55 Watt
Flow rate at 0 m: 3000 l / h
max. Delivery head: 3.0 m
According to curve the pump delivers at my about 1.35 m somewhat more than 2200 liters
Other equipment:
Flow pump Tunze 6060 with 6000l
Bau des Beckens
Bau des Beckens
Bau des Beckens
Bau des Beckens
Die Bohrungen noch ohne Schacht
Bohrungen jetzt mit Schacht
Das fertige Becken
Adult animals:
1 M. esterae OB 0/1
4 M. auratus 1/3
6 S. freyeri 3/3
2 C. pulpican 1/1
6 C. Cobue 1/4
3 M. johanii 1/2
3 C. gallireya reef 2/1
3 S. multi punktata
3 S. euptherus

Youth / Young animals
4 Ps lombardoi. 1/3
2 M. esterae OB 1/1
7 M. geshakei 3/4

5 S. multi punktata
Hier mal ein Bild von der Webcam
Cynotilapia afra Cobue male
Cynotilapia afra Cobue female
Labidochromis sp. mbamba male
Labidochromis sp. mbamba female
Cynotilapia Gallireya Reef male
Cynotilapia Gallireya Reef female
Pseudotropheus msobo magunga male
Pseudotropheus msobo magunga female
Sciaenochromis fryeri male
Sciaenochromis fryeri female
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos male
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos female
Melanochromis auratus male
Melanochromis auratus female
Maylandia greshakei male
Maylandia  mbenjii female OB
Maylandia greshakei female
Melanochromis johannii male
Melanochromis johannii female
ein bisschen Getümmel
nochmal ein bisschen Getümmel
Scianocromis freyeri male
Protomelas male
Cynotilopia pulpican male
Ps. lombardoi male
Ps. lombardoi female
M. esterae OB male
M. esterae OB female
Scianochromis freyeri female
Synodontis multipunctata
Cynotilapia pulpican klein male
Water parameters:
Water change 2 x weekly 50%
Temperature 22-23 degrees without heating
pH = 8 sera droplets test
Tetra test strips
NO3 = 15mg / l
NO2 = 0mg / l
GH => 10 ° d
KH = 6 ° d
Tetra Pro Vegetable
JBL Novo Stick
Tropical Malawi
sera granured

any forage that my chef so rausrückt, but in the main,

every 10-14 days time Mysis, Cyclops or Artemia (frost)
Further information:
Since the pool is operated with non-tempered well water there is also a 300 watt heater. The immersion heater is set at 21 degrees and only runs after the water change.