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Description of the aquarium:
Mixed East Africa tanks
Tank size:
120*40*56 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Die Höhlen
das Pflanzenriff
Aquarium decoration:
naturfarbener, light sand
4 small Anubias, 2 "ground cover", 1 and 2 Tigerlotus Amazon and my "mother plant" with 3 offshoot babies now hopefully be big ;-)
Every 2 Weeks fertilizers (liquid)
Amazonas und Lifalili w.
Special features of the facility:
white hole stone, Spaghetti stones, colorful stones from the hole Aquaristikgeschäft, collected fieldstones and Schiefferplatten, rock crystal
Aquarium equipment:
1 times 30watt bulb (daylight lamp off)
By timer from 13h midday until night 0Uhr
As we work into the evening, we also want to have what our aquarium if we Feierabend.
Eheim Professional 600l / h
Partial water change 4.1 to 3.1 approximately every 4 weeks
Filter-cleaning as required
Adding Baktalysator conditioners
Other equipment:
In winter, a heating rod, but is not necessary in the warmer months
Hemicromis lifalili 1/1 can I just do not part with them
Yellow / Blue 1/2
Feenbuntbarsche 1/3
Turquoise Gold perch 2/4
Zebra 2/6 ('m doing it otherwise accommodate)
1 small, striped yellow / green shimmering zebrafish (see photo) might know someone here to whom it belongs?!?
Pangio 3
2 small albino catfish
I'm still looking for "Malawi grade" Welsen.hab far only about what Catfishes / cuckoo catfish gelesen.Weiss perhaps someone advice?
meine Barsche und in der Mitte der ?FISCH?
Kl.Türkisgoldbarsch m.und Wels
Zebra und der ?FISCH?
Hemichromis lifalili Paar
Im Pflanzenriff
Albinowelse auf großer Fahrt
Türkisgoldbarsch w.
Water parameters:
Measured test strip JBL
Nitrate <25
Nitrite undetectable
Total hardness approx 9
Carbonate hardness about 10
pH 8.3
Astra Spirulina, Tetra Daphinen, Vivantis staple food for ornamental fish, TetraWafer Mix, Astra Chichlidae sticks, Astra color lining and JBL Novo Color
Vegetable attempts have failed miserably to on cucumber, you can find totally stupid, but I'm with peeled grapes (seedless) succeeded ;-)
Further information:
thanks for the tips! Have now hopefully for the welfare of my fish what positive geleistet.Sie ​​see anyway out as if they are. wohlfühlen.Bitte new rating