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Neues Hauptbild 06.06.08
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed East Africa tanks
Tank size:
200x60x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Here comes:
*** Africa community tank ***

Weis glass basins
Everything looks much clearer out, by Weis glass.
Pool open at the top, no cover.
13mm Stoßverklebt.

Made base itself.
2 thick laminated beams left embedded in the wall.
Law only a circulation of about 5cm thick Leinbinderplatten.
On the glulam is a 2,1cm thick glulam plate
what still 6mm foam pad are to let the pelvis rest optimally.
The right side of the pelvis looks ca 55cm purely in the room,
sodas you can consider this place from all sides.
Becken komplett, mit neuer Beleuchtung :)
Becken mit Brenner Beleuchtung :)
Becken in der Totalen :)
Becken von hinten :)
Becken v.d. rechten Seite 28.04.08 + neues Lochgestein.
Neues Lochgestein 28.04.08
Linke Seite 06.06.08
Mitte 06.06.08
Rechte Seite 06.06.08
Seite r. 06.06.08
Aquarium decoration:
Gravel about 50%, with a grain size of 3-6mm.
Gravel about 10%, very roughly, of 2-8cm.
Sand about 40%
Vallisneria gigantea,
Valisneria gigantea rubra,
Anubias hastifolia,
Anubias congenis,
Anubias barthii,
Mother plant: Anubias gracillis,
Anubias lanceolata,
Microsorium pteropus,
Moss balls 30 pieces I can only recommend :-)
3 x Thai Hakenlilie-Crinum thaianum, gets up to 2m long leaves.
The Hack lily needs 10cm loose soil.
1 x Large Amazon sword plant / Echinodorus bleheri
2 x collar Vallisneria americana Mini Twister / twisted Vallisneria
Plants are with: NPK-fertilizer balls fertilized.
Gras aus meinem Teich. Die Barsche gehen nicht dran. Hoffe, das es schnell wächst.
Thailändische Hackenlilie, nach ca. 1 Woche. Soll bis zu 2m lange Blätter bekommen.
Anubias gracillis Mutterpflanze
Die Karolina-Haarnixe...ist noch nicht angefressen worden! :)
Ludwigia repens / Rote Ludwigia...mit 2 Mooskugeln, bis jetzt noch nicht angefressen
Vallisneria americana Mini Twister
Vallisneria Gigantea
Quellmoss ... Futter für meine Demasonis ;-)
Hackenlilie am 28.04.08 sie wächst prächtig.
Special features of the facility:
Rear panel made of polystyrene itself.
Several glued Styrofoam plates with aquarium silicone and
then modeled with hot air gun.
With holestone and several caves. 100x15x57.
A total of 6 caves. They consist of gray drainpipe,
40mm diameter and approximately 10-15 cm long.
Then all modeled with plaster and masonry mortar.
Min Insert Before. 2 weeks placed in rainwater.
The rear panel weighs about 20 kilograms.

Lots of holestone ca.80-90 kilos and flat rock slabs.
** When I see beautiful holestone, I buy it **
If the price is right.
So, there is still a little come to the passage of time.
But only selected pieces !!!
2 Kokusnusshälften as Bruthölen.
2 Bananenbaumblätter, als vorbeugende Maßnahme gegen einige Fischkrankheiten und
Aquarium equipment:
Suspension lamp with:
2x T5 a 54 Watt 1x CH Ligtning F54 T5 / BL-B10 bluish light!
and 1x New 03:04:08 Arcadia Plant Pro
4x Blue LED's moon illumination 20-50 Watt
Moon lighting is only sometimes, not turned regularly. But comes damned good :)
Is illuminated from 10: 30h to 22h
**** The Blue Tube Lights only 12-18 clock !!! ****

The basin receives from plenty of natural light as it is to look at a quarter of all sides, thus it gets from 2 sides daylight.
As the plants grow splendidly and fish are very beautiful to look at, I think, I drive quite well with low light performance.
2 x Eheim Professinell 2 Type 2328 750 liters an hour,
starting with Defusor.
First basket: clay pipes with a large surface.
Second Basket: Mean filter sponge.
Third basket: Filterwatte + Fine filter sponge.

Second filter same assembly, except the first basket zeolite =

The 60% gravel act as a biological filter, floor heating.
Other equipment:
Denerle Bodenfluter 75 watts.
Jäger 300 watt heating element.
Eheim Surface suction.

04:04:08 Koralia 3
*** Flow pump ***
Horny toy :)
*** Power 3500 L per hour ***
With its strong and wide beam simultaneously,
I now have a wonderful flow in the basin.
Technik Ecke, nicht aufgeräumt. Oberflächenabsaugung.
3 x Feenbuntbarsch - Neolamprologus brichardi 1M / 2W
also called Princess of Burundi
2 x Kaiser medium in size. 1M / 1W WF
Can there be another: Aulonocara stuartgranti ......? :-)
9 x Cyprichromis leptosoma 3M / 6W
2 x Neolamprologus leleupi 1M / 1W
4 Kuckuks catfish grown. 2M / 2W
To come 05:04:08 :)
3x Aulonocara Fire Fish 1M / 2W
3x Aulonacara Dragonblood 1M / 2W

10:05:08 20 dimpled Tower snails ** ** Nöppies
+20 Tanganjikaschnecken Palamelania cf. crassigranulata
Demasoni und Co
Versch. Fische :)
Aulonocara Fire Fisch, erster Tag.
Feen Buntbarsch mit seiner Familie.
Feen Buntbarsch Bock. Prinzessin von Burundi, Feenbuntbarsch auch genannt : Neolamprologus
The King ... Aulonocara Fire Fisch
Kaiser Bock WF...Kenne seinen genauen Namen leider nicht.
Neolamprologus leleupi  Bock....ist mittlerweile schon Opa ;-)
Kings Weib .. Aulonocara Fire Fisch
Kuckuckswels .. einer v. vieren
Cyprichromis leptosoma   Bock
Lebendfutter aus eigenem Brunnen. Sind es Wasserasseln oder Bachflohkrebse?
Versch. Futtersorten + Spirulina Pulver + MultiVitamine flüssig + NPK Düngekugeln
Junge Feen, am 20.04.08 ;-)
Water parameters:
PH 8.0 Thanks to Tetra KH +
KH 16
GH 10-12
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 20

Water change every week about 30%.

Wassertemperatut 25 degrees
Flakes XL Tetra.
Astra food tablets for catfish.
Tetra Baby food
Flake food every day alternately.
1x a week is the flake food with:
MultiVit - Vitamins spiced pure.

Astra daphnia lyophilized.
1-2x a week, including alternates.

Live food:
In summer living water fleas 1 to 2 times a week.
From time to time live bloodworms + Artemia, subject to availability.
Water lice come now again to from own well. Become Approx.1cm large.
See photo: Fish.

Frozen Food:
1-2 the week:
Homemade vegetable frozen food with Spirulina.
Consists of :
Peas, whole shrimp tails, peeled 1 Red Bell Pepper,
1 large carrot, flake food, dried daphnia,
A splash of multivitamins and a pinch of Spirulina powder.
Then even mix Gelantiene underneath. ** Finish **

Cucumber, pepper and zucchini
1-2x a week

1x a week is Lent

Lined is 2x day in small portions.
Sometimes I 3x gebs yes to (-;
Sometimes less is more!
Further information:
I very much hope that I will even better aquarists through this site :)
Want me here to thank everyone who voted for me.
Thank-you ;-)
I did that for the 2nd place winner or have become in a category,
I would not have thought in the wildest dreams.
*** Was also not at all my intention !!! ***
I was just too hard to make the best of my pelvis.
*** No pain. no price !***
Surely it is here therefore hail criticism .....
I have not chosen me himself ;-)
It was the month of May

Am always ready for criticism and suggestions! ! !

Gave into the pool on 29/03/08 5 banana tree leaves.
And on 30/03/08 you know it the fish already on, courting and feel Pudelwohl.