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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken Malawi Mbuna`s
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
160x60x60 = 576 liters ~ 152 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is stoßverklebt, has a central web and ridges on the front and Rückseite.Es stands on an aluminum base that I have even dressed up, the wood panels are attached with magnets.
The pool has 4 holes 2x27mm and 2x45mm reduced for two external filter.
Aquarium Becken Malawi Mbuna`s
Aquarium Becken Malawi Mbuna`s
Aquarium decoration:
I do not use 50 kg sieved gravel with a grain size of 0 to 8 mm. This is a natural unimproved sand - / gravel mixture with finer and somewhat coarser constituents from an aquarium shop from Münster.
From the looks and the quality of the best I've ever seen.
Addendum: Even after several years, he has in the quality still the same, but I have followed the advice from the valuation and exposed some tower snails in the sand.
Anubias nana barteri
Pflanze nicht bekannt
Anubias barteri nana
Echinodorus Dschungelstar Kleiner Bär
Special features of the facility:
65 Kg hole stone and 1m² natural stone with large pebbles on a 2cm thick Styrodorplatte.
Lochenstein increased to at least about 120 Kg.
Die Lochsteinecke
Die aufgeschichteten Natursteinplatten
 Sand/ Kiesgemisch
Die Lochsteinecke
Aquarium equipment:
Aqualux cover light maple, 2x58 watt aluminum light bars.
Osram 865 and 830, both darkened with a Kunstofflochband.
Belgium von 09:00 bis 19:30 clock and moon light from 06:30 bis 09:30 clock and from 19:00 to 22:30 clock.
An external filter Eheim 2028 and a Eheim pro.3e 2078th
Other equipment:
A Hydor External Pass Heater 300 Watt, controlled via a Duomat 1200 night setback and summer time. Was used before the redesign for the floor heating.
Phosphate and nitrate filters with 3 liters of resin Gralla
UV water 1000 with 30 watts of hw
Flow pump Tunze, Turbelle® stream 6000 and Singelcontroller
Der Unterschrank
Die Elektrik
Rechte Seite
Ein aufgeräumter Aquariumunterschrank
Turbelle® stream 6000
Singlecontroller 7091
2/4 Melanochromis auratus
5 Melanochromis Maingano
1/3 Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga + young
0/2 pseudotropheus saulosi, males do not respect me?
1/3 Pseudotropheus kingsizei
1/2 Maylandia estherae
1/2 Pseudotropheus elongatus Neon Spot
1/3 Labidochromis caeruleus "yellow"
1 LDA 16
Melanochromis maingano
Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga, der alte Chefe
Pseudotropheus saulosi mänchen leicht versteckt
Pseudotropheus saulosi Weibchen
Melanochromis auratus Männchen
Pseudotropheus saulosi mänchen mit Haarem
Melanochromis auratus Männchen nach der Umfärbung, der neue Chefe
Melanochromis auratus Weibchen
Melanochromis auratus Weibchen mit Nachwuchs
Water parameters:
PH = 7.9
KH = 6
GH = 14
Nitrite = undetectable
Nitrate = 10 mg / l
Conductance 678
about 25 ° C with night setback of 1 °
Breeder Flake: spirulina, brine shrimp, breeders Flake
Sera granugreen
Tetra Min
JBL GranoColor
Lettuce, cucumber once a week
Diet one to two times a week, work-related
Further information:
Partial water change 25% a week, maybe a little salt added.