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Januar 2020
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
200 x 50 x 60 = 600 liters ~ 158 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The aquarium is its January 2006 fine gravel and was changed in December 2007 on quartz sand.
Januar 2020
Ansicht Februar 2020
Dezember 2019
September 2008 Mittelteil
September 2008 rechte Seite
Der Quarzsand wird eingebracht
Terrasee im Trockenen
Becken mit Nachtlicht
Aktuelle Ansicht Juli 2017
Aquarium decoration:
160 kg fine quartz sand (beige) from the hardware store.
Slates for the delimitation at the feeding site
Anubias barteri on root and on the rear wall
Cryptocoryne aponogetifolia
Cryptocoryne Petchii
Echinodorus osiris
Echinodorus ocelot
Echinodorus parilflorus
Nymphaea lotus
Sagittaria subulata
Vallisneria gigantea
Vesicularia dubyana
Microsorium pteropus on root and on the rear wall
Pflanzen im Aquarium Schaubecken im Wohnzimmer
Pflanzen im Aquarium Schaubecken im Wohnzimmer
Pflanzen im Aquarium Schaubecken im Wohnzimmer
Pflanzen im Aquarium Schaubecken im Wohnzimmer
Ableger der Echinodorus Ozelot Green
Pflanzen im Aquarium Schaubecken im Wohnzimmer
Special features of the facility:
2 roots, planted with Javafarn, Anubia or Java moss, the fish serve as a shelter.
When backplane design I opted for backtonature. For the same material I still have a 50 x 15 x 20 modeled terrace to the rear wall. This is provided below with 2 openings, creating a cavity for catfish has arisen. On this terrace I Echinodorus ??? planted where the 60 cm-height AQ sont not get as good.
Furthermore, I have created with pots, clay balls and slates hiding places.
Aquarium equipment:
Is Illuminated 2 lightbar where each 4 x 21 Watt T5 tubes are installed. Both are separately switchable
As light colors I
2 x 840
2 x 865
2 x Blue tubes.
Is illuminated from 10:00 until 21:30 clock 100%
9:30 to 10:00 to 21:30 until 22:00 clock 50%
From 21:50 to 23:00 I have to Moondlicht
Habe mir 4 blue Kaltlichtkatoden mounted in a lightbar
I have an external filter with 150 liters filled to 50%.
With 2000 / H liter pump operated by the CO2 is introduced.
In addition, a Eheimfilter 1200 / H liters is connected to the surface suction to ensure.
Other equipment:
The pool is heated to temperature with a 300 watt heater rod.
Attached is a CO2 plant with 2 kg bottle and a Magnetventiel for overnight shutdown
At night the pool is ventilated. Duch a CO2 Controller is permanently displayed the pH.
CO2 Anlage mit 2 kg Flasche, Magnetventil
Contolle für den PH Wert
Außenfilter 150 Liter 50% gefüllt
1 jewelry fins Fiederbartwels
6 loaches
80 Red neon
25 armored catfish
5 calluses catfish
4 Rotflossenalgenfresser
Catfish large and x pups are born and raised in what basin (this stock of catfish antenna is broken regularly)
The Discus (2 m / m) have been taken from an AQ-resolution, I do not know if I have it a lucky hand
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26/27 ° C
pH: 6.8 to 7.0
GH: 10
KH: 5
NO2: nn
NO3: 15 mg
Dried fodder: flake food, Tetra Rubin, granules, Catfish Chips, tablet food
Frozen Food: Artemia, bloodworms, daphnia, cucumber and lettuce for my catfish
Further information:
The loaches have made it gemüdlich under the terrace.
Come but the feeding times and show up then but energetic, you're hungry