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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Rockzone
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150x46x55 = 400 liters ~ 105 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Jewel Panorama bulge-glued
Used (abused) purchased
Aquarium decoration:
about 8 cm quartz sand
Various Anubias varieties
When someone recognizes: !!! PLEASE SIGN !!!
Special features of the facility:
The back wall is a self-made out of Styrofoam and flex. Tile adhesive and consists of 2 parts, a thorough watering would otherwise not have been possible.
The colors I have tried as possible with the rock tune. The three-dimensionality
the wall can be super lift the Trockenbürsttechnik. Simple technology, huge effect
Otherwise, there are about 25 kg. "Harz Brocken" in the pelvis. The stack can be good so as to provide enough hiding places. He also is not quite as glaring as the holestone
Aquarium equipment:
40 W Power 40 W and Glow Sun Glow.
Where the Power Glow only is still in operation. Bring the colors properly to light up and does not make quite as bright light.
The lights are controlled via GHL AqualuxII.

The ECGs I have installed in the cabinet so that they attract moisture. Has already happened once. Was a damn expensive water through.

The control cable for dimming is also tinkered itself.
Since the Aqualux the lamps not completely off, I have built a control to disable it on time.

Lighting times:
8 am to 9 ° ° clock "Sunrise" dimming from 0 to 100%
9 am to 11 ° ° Clock full illuminance with cloud simulation
11 ° ° to 12 ° ° clock dimming down from 100 to 0%
12 ° ° to 15 ° ° clock lunch break
15 ° ° to 16 ° ° clock dimming from 0 to 100%
16 ° ° to 21 ° ° Clock full illuminance with cloud simulation
21 ° ° to 22 ° ° clock "sunset"

Who also remember to control the Auqalux lighting or other which I like to help this (assuming craftsmanship) to save a few bucks
- JBL Cristal Profi E1500 with 1500l / h
Get Eheim internal filter with ca.1000l / h to a little movement into the basin -.
- 5L nitrate resin filter
- Eheim 2213 Aussenfliter to operate the nitrate filter

- Is filtered through ceramic pipes of Eheim, zeolite, PhosZac, JBL NitratEx, EHFISUBSTRAT Pro and of course, several filter mats and tile.
I try when adjusting my water to renounce possible on chemistry. The exception is of course the water purifier at TWW

- In 2213 there are only 2 filter mats, the rest of the filter I have filled with mussel breakage, to raise the KH. Has actually worked.

- Mined nitrate filter, because he shot me the PH value in the basement. Pay instead of the resin zeolite as filter material to present to PO4 and NO3 continue to get down.
Other equipment:
The heating is controlled even over the Dennerle Duomat 1200 "Comfort".
Bin however thereby completely controlling my AQ via a Moeller "EASY" because my accessories for the Aqalux is clearly too expensive.
Until the controller is, however, still a lot of water will flow down the Rhine
1/0 Labidocromis caeruleus "yellow"
1/0 Pseudotropheus "Elongatus Mpanga"
1/2 Labidocromis "pearl"
3 Synodontis multipunctatus
1/2 pseudotropheus saulosi
1/1 Cynotilapia White Top Hara Gallireya Reef
1/1 Cynotilapia Afra Cobue

The stocking does indeed now times rather strange, since some of my fish did not survive the move. The reason was a short circuit in a borrowed internal filters are thus two of the 5 "transition Basin" failed. Unfortunately, not all were saved.
Water parameters:
PH: 7.5
GH: 15 ° dGH
KH: 4 ° GCH
NO2: 0.00 mg / l
NO3: 25 mg / l
PO4: 2,0 mg / l
NH3: 0.00 mg / l
NH4: 0,00mg / l

Water temperature 25.5 ° C

50% water change every week
JBL NovoStick "M"
SERA granugreen
TetraWafer Mix
Further information:
Water values ​​are still submitted. After moving they are not quite as great as a water softener is installed in the house.
So great is actually an understatement. The water comes here with a pH of 6.5 and a barely detectable KH of about 2 ° GCH from the wall. Maybe I should switch to discus. Have a little less work with the water ;-)
More pictures will follow.