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Gesamtansicht 19.07.2015
Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
100x40x40cm = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This used to be our freshwater pools. After 8 years, we have made it a seawater pool.
It has left behind a homemade Technikeck where the skimmer, the heating element, automatic Wasserauffüllanlage and a small return pump are housed.

For Technikeck I have a plexiglass window, using a heat gun, bent into shape. Drilled a hole for the return pump and glued the overflow comb. The whole thing then bonded with silicone in the aquarium.
Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6015
Technikecke halbfertig
Montiplatte 09.2014
Montiplatte 09.2014
Euphyllia und Blasenanemone  09.2014
Montipora 09.2014
Aquarium decoration:
There are 9 kg Bora Bora sand and approximately 2 kg White Sun gravel in the aquarium.
Special features of the facility:
approx 4.5 kg base rock
about 6.5 kg of live rock
Aufbau Teil 4
Aufbau im Wasser
Gesamtansicht 25.2.12
rechte Seite vom Aufbau
Mittelteil des Aufbaus
Linke Seite des Aufbaus
rechte Seite des Aufbaus
Gesamtansicht Mai 2012
Gesamtansicht 06.07.2012
Gesamtansicht im Oktober bei blauer LED-Beleuchtung.
Gesamt 15.01.2014
Gesamt 08.02.2014
Gesamt 18.05.2014
Gesamt 25.07.2014
Gesamt 02.09.2014
Aquarium equipment:
Blue Lumina 4 x 39 W Luminaire with
2 x blue
2 x white
Blue LED strip from the hardware store as moonlight when needed / when we feel like it.
Live rock and skimmers.
1 bag Clear FX Pro
Other equipment:
Tetra Heater 100 W

Skimmer Aqua Medic Turboflotor Blue 500 - very good device. Very quiet. Initially some difficulty setting, but now it runs like clockwork.

Eheim Compact 900 as return pump

Automatic water refilling system - is now running for a year without any problems - highly recommended

2 Tunze Nano Stream 6015 (4500L / h)
Disc anemones in blue and green
very few pumping Xenia - a beginner animal that grew too well with us ...
in bright green
Radioactive - light green with dark green edge
Watermelon - red with green trim
Orange with green border

div. Corynactis sp. 01 - Korallenanemone - pretty animals the more open in the dark and need little light.
2 Rumphella - Gorgonie
1 Sarcophyton - mushroom leather coral and offshoots of it
1 Capnella imbricata - Kenya sapling
2 Entacmaea quadricolor - Blasenanemone very grateful animal, has in a 3/4 year 4 divided times.
3 Montipora digitata - green, red, blue gray silver Montipora
1 Montipora foliosa - Montipora plate red
1 Montipora foliosa - Montipora plate purple
1 Stylophora Milka
2 Caulastrea Furcata green blue / reddish brown
1 Bart Coral
3 different Pocillopora
1 Ricordea Florida - orange with a blue border
2 Euphyllia - green and brown
2 false clown anemone fish Amphiprion ocellaris - Super great fish. Defend their anemone when handled by hand in the aquarium. Matching Anemone is a must!

3 hermit - cute little fellows, but also like to go at snails

1 Nerita limpets

1 Weißbandputzergarnele - a must for me in every aquarium. If one has his hand in the basin they come immediately and clean.

div serpent starfish and snails in all sizes
Goosefoot starfish
div. Korallen
Ricordea März 2013
Ableger März 2013
Pocillopora 09.2014
Pocillopora März 2013
Pocillopora 09.2014
Pocillopora März 2013
Bartkoralle und Pocillopora März 2013
Bartkoralle November 2012
Bartkorall+Pocillopora Juli 2013
Bartkoralle 09.2014
Grüne Scheiben November 2012
Caulastrea 09.2014
Caulastrea März 2013
Caulastrea Oktober 2012
Pocillopora März 2013
Acanthastrea März 2013
Acanthastrea November 2012
Ableger November 2012
Blasenanemone im Juli.
Einer unserer 4 Einsiedlerkrebse.
Die verschidenen Krusten die wir besitzen. Oben die hellgrüne, mittig die Wtermelon
Die Krusten im November 2012
Krusten Juli 2013
Montipora 09.2014
Gorgonie 09.2014
Caulastrea 09.2014
Montipora 09.2014
Water parameters:
Nitrite 0,02 mg / l (TM)
Nitrate 5 mg / l (TM)
PO4 <0.01 mg / L (TM)
KH 8.3 (Salifert)
PH 7.7 (Salifert)
Mg 1380 mg / l (Salifert)
Ca 435 mg / l (Salifert)
Silicate <0.03 mg / l (Salifert)
Ammonium 0.1-0.2 mg / l (TM)

The water values ​​are from 18/01/2014
At Frostfutter there Mysis, Lobster Eggs, Artemia.
Dry food is available in the following varieties: JBL MariPearls, Omega One Marine Flakes with Garlic, Ocean Nutrition Nano Reef Fish Food
Price Coral Energizer
H2Ocean PLC
Further information:
Water changes twice a week 10 and 6 liters
with "even the constructed salt" a dealer
Since the end of March 2013, we give every 14 days Prodibio BioDigest it.
1 x week zeolite powder
Ca and Mg replenishment