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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
140x60x60 = 500 liters ~ 132 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Used selling, Wulstverklebtes pool. Was previously a saltwater pool with overflow and 2 holes in the floor. But because I wanted to have a normal external filter I got the glued discs removed and glued the two holes.
The pool is at a 2cm screen printing plate and a safety pad.
The "closet" is a-clad steel frame. The cladding consists of 0,8cm chipboard that I have covered with glossy white foil and attached with magnets on the frame. Everything completely DIY
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aulonocara Eureka
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
kurz nach der Befüllung
Mein altes Becken früher
Aquarium decoration:
45KG quartz sand 0.4-0.8 mm from the hardware store (or rather from the neighbor who had something left from the plasters :))
The printed package is filter sand and aquarium sand Feuergetrocket. Color-exactly what I wanted, not white and not yellow.
Have him not flushed in front bring the water is until now crystal clear.
Height approx 5cm.
There are not many plants are in the pool, because I do not want it to light illumination, nor are the chances of survival by the future residents well for good.
Pipped water goblet left rear set. The Vallis with forwardly set right.
genoppter Wasserkelch in der Ecke
Special features of the facility:
Approximately 100 Kg basalt quarry from a quarry here very close. Cleaned with a high pressure cleaner prior to introduction. The stones are just piled in the right corner below the water surface in front of the rear wall. As a base for the stones used a 5mm foam board on the still a 1 cm Styrofoam plate is.

Rear wall 3 parts jewel granite stone against the rear wall and right side glued with silicone. Fits perfectly with the color of the basalt stone.
Anbringen der Rückwand
Aquarium equipment:
The cover is also created completely change.
Around the pool I have a 6cm plastic strip bonded (also below the gravel cover) and internal regulations for cover plates made of hard foam.
The lighting consists of 2 LED strips of l-Tronic . Each 1 meter with 60 SMD LEDs Cool White (900 lumens, 8000-1000k) and 1 meter Blue with 60 SMD LEDs. Both together have about 25 watts at full power but is connected to a dimmer.
A lighting control system is already ordered.
Eheim Professional 3600 filter material is supplied. 2 baskets MECHpro as a prefilter or mechanical filters and each a basket with Biomech us per substrate than for biological filtration.
(Strong performance -Flüsterleise -High energy efficiency -Top EHEIM quality -Top Design - Even more comfort: - Pre-filter - self-priming - Integrated hose adapter - High-quality ceramic axle and one camp - MECH, MECHpro (see filter mass building) - Included accessories: 1x suction, 1x nozzle tube, EHEIM quality hose, installation equipment - Specifications:. for aquariums up to about 240-600 liters, pump capacity ca. l / h 1250 Delivery head approx Hmax m 1,8 Power consumption W 16, Filter volume l 6.0 + 0.3 (prefilter) ) using the supplied filter material

Depending on how it goes I'll replace the MECHpro time against lava or Siporax as further biological filter layer.

The filter I have inoculated with filter material from the current pool of my father. Thanks for this :)

Currently (for the run-in period) a Eheim Powerline XL / 1200L / h is still running in parallel with. This will then be soon replaced by a Tunze Nano Stream 6045.
Other equipment:
Jäger 250 watt heater thermostat
Schego Ideal Memranpumpe (150l / h) Built hung in insulated wooden box in the closet, barely audible. Lindenholzausströmer
Testlauf nur Blaue LED
Pumpe Schalldicht
5 synodontis petricola Dwarf.
3 Protomelas taeniolatus red empress Namalenje (1m / 2W) have only slightly coloring until now, is also possible that there are 2m
3 Copadichromis Azureus 1m / 2w
3 Aulonocara Eureka 1m / 2w
3 Otopharynx Lithobates Sulfur Head. 3m
Copadichromis Weibchen und Aulonocara
Wels auf Erkundungstour
Azureus im Vordergrund hinten Red Empress noch nicht gefärbt
Otopharynx Lithobathes
Besatz im Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Besatz im Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Besatz im Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Aulonocara Weibchen
Besatz im Aquarium Rückkehrer als Malawi
Synondontis Petricola
die ersten Bewohner sind drin, Der tv ist aus :)
Water parameters:
GH: 14
KH: 11
PH: 8.0
NO³: 10
NO²: 0

The pH and KH value I try a little bit to adjust by the addition of sodium bicarbonate
Tropical Welsigran.
Granules of Gaus Aqua House
Tetra Krill freeze-dried.
Further information:
Since the NonMbunas more swimming space need than but I Mbunas an "empty" tank not think so chic, I tried not take too much space to the cairn off at the pool. The amount he actually really reached just before the rear wall, which can be seen quite well in view through the side window. Nevertheless, of course, also many caves and niches developed the catfish currently already vigorously explore.

Short something to me and entitled:
I am returning to the aquarium, was last up about 10 years ago still a 570L South Basin.
Actually, I wanted at first but also set it up as a South Basin by cajole my girlfriend ("that's something else, so colorful, ... almost like seawater"), it is now but a Malawi basin become.