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Hauptbild 26.08.2010
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
55 x 55 x 40 = 89 liters ~ 23 gallons (us)
Specific features:
There is a Delta Basin (hence the crooked number of liters). The piece I could very low bid on it at E ** y, because it was exactly what I was looking for dimensionally and the already built-backs already met my expectations.
However, I had extreme difficulties, which ranged from algae plagues in any form and color to the total loss of the entire shrimp stocks with the pelvis.
Hauptansicht 08.08.2007
Hauptansicht 29.10.2007
Hauptansicht 30.12.2007
Hauptansicht 19.01.2008
Hauptansicht 11.03.2008
Hauptansicht 05.06.2008 - letztes Bild vor Umgestaltung
Hauptansicht 27.07.2008
Hauptansicht 11.08.2008
Hauptansicht 29.08.2008
Schrägansicht 23.09.2008
Hauptansicht 23.09.2008
Hauptansicht 15.04.2009
Hauptansicht 20.05.2009
Hauptansicht 24.07.2009
Neueinrichtung 15.05.2010
Ein Abschiedsbild vom 29.12.2018
Aquarium decoration:
Dennerle Shrimps Gravel "Black Sulawesi" 0.7 - 1.2mm
Pogostemon helferi - Little Star
Riccia - Pond liverwort (staked on stone)
Rotala rotundifolia - small Rotala
Hemianthus micranthemoides - petite pearl herb
Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba - Pearl herb
Nymphaea maculata - Red Tiger Lotus
Hygrophila polysperma - Indian water friend
Christmas-moss (at Rpckwand gepint)

currently have (to be removed when the other plants are well grown):
Egeria densa - waterweed
Ceratophyllum demersum - chickweed
Es war einmal: Im Hintergrund die Vallisnerien, davor Indischer Wasserstern und ganz
Special features of the facility:
1.2kg dragon stones
Aquarium equipment:
2 x 24W T5 (1x Dennerle Special Plant, Amazon Day Dennerle 1x)

The lightbar and the CO2 supply can be switched via programmed radio switch.
10: 30-22: 00
Hamburger Eckmattenfilter operated with Eheim compact 300th
Other equipment:
Dennerle CO2 system (Comfort-Line, CO2 Professional)
with bubble counter exact, night-off (coupled to the light) and air stone

no heating

The lightbar and the CO2 supply can be switched via programmed radio switch.
16 Perlhuhnbärblinge
4 pangio
3 Siamese trunk Barben (temporarily. Come later to 314l Aquarium)
ohne Worte
Perlhuhnbärbling (sehr schwierig, die flinken Fische zu fotografieren)
Water parameters:
Measured with sera aqua-test (drop):
pH 7.2 (accuracy is unfortunately only in steps of 0.5)
4 ° dKH
15 ° dGH
NO3 10mg / l
NO2-N <0.3 or NO2 <0,1 (a field with lower values ​​there is not)
NH4 / NH3: 0
PO4: 0.3
Cu: 0
Temperature: in the morning about 23 ° C., about 25 ° C at night

Water change about 30% a week
Water treatment with Easy Life
Fertilize with Easy Life ProFito and Ferro, if necessary Nitro
A combination of the following foods:

Dried fodder:
- Tetra Min Flakes
- Astra spirulina flake food

more or less regular lettuce, peppers, cucumber

Frozen Food:
- White mosquito larvae
- Black mosquito larvae
- Daphnia

Frozen food "spare":
- Tetra FreshDelica - daphnia
- Tetra FreshDelica - bloodworm
Further information:
This basin has been a very long-term planning and should be constructed as natural pools for Crystal Red Shrimp. Unfortunately, I have had almost just unlucky with the pool after filling with water (Christmas 2006). Algae in any shape and color, and to make matters worse, died almost the entire shrimp population in April 2007 (they lived in the basin since the end of February 2007). I could actually pick out every day one or two dead. Have then every other day made a small water changes, but even that has not helped. Meanwhile, I think that was the cause even as I do not always have the water from the tap was allowed to proceed.
Maybe it was also on the Carbo-Plus, at the time I had left. The fact that the leave something to the water has ... I do not know.
Now, however, is (almost) everything well, only filamentous algae, which multiply explosively, I still have.
Furthermore, I want to cover the back wall with moss. Moreover, by placing filamentous algae I pluck all Moose again. That's why I have to get to grips with the algae and then can devote myself to the back wall.

Some things come back ... I died in March 2008, all shrimp. I suspect again poisoning over the water. And by this imbalance of biology, the algae are back. But I'll stay on the ball.

The algae were unable to get to grips with.
I have the basin completely dispelled and a new ground and new plants started (end of July 2008).

Unfortunately, in the rear wall still remainders of the algae had nested, I probably could not remove. That's why I continue to struggle with algae ... (October 2008)

The algae have become manageable. I have a light bar removed, the lighting time is reduced a little and in the meantime fertilized with nitrate. Now it already looks quite nice. :-) Absence but unfortunately still the Crystal Red Shrimp ...

Update June 2010:
After it but not really ran with the algae or the extremely felt comfortable with me, I have once again taken a new approach.
I have everything removed from the aquarium. Plants, stones and gravel disposed inside the filter housing and back panels removed and the silicone seams (if necessary) be renewed.
Then reboot with foam back panels and a hamburger mat filter. Also the ground is new. This time of Dennerle Shrimps Gravel, because I have had good experiences in my NanoCube.
And now let's see if there is not yet works out. :-)