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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 59
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
112x45x60 = 300 liters ~ 79 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Since I jump joyful cichlids I use plexiglass (thickness 2mm) as a cover, which I have cut me down to size and provided with a vent (about 40x15cm)
Aquarium Becken 59
Aquarium decoration:
I use as it should be in Malawi basin only quartz sand (ca.50kg, color white), because this is for cleaning of gills, one can observe good
In plants I wanted to do without because they serve firstly to beautify and secondly as sleeping and hiding place. With me 2 Anubien, 1 giant Valisnierie and a great water plantain are used
Special features of the facility:
I use white holestone (ca.50kg) and have arranged it so that sufficient Vesteckmöglichkeiten - even for juveniles - are present, further 1 root for my catfish, it also serves as a shelter
Dekoration im Aquarium Becken 59
Aquarium equipment:
To get to my lighting: I use 2x80 Watt HQL burners which from: 8.00- 13.00 clock and 15 o'clock - 20 hours clock with 2 Siesta sufficient light care
For me the place Eheim professionel II external filter (2028) use; is filtered with Eheim filters and ceramic filter wool.
In order to achieve a better flow in the basin a centrifugal pump is additionally: Rena Brand Type R23B attached.
Once a week I make a partial water change of about 1/3 of the pelvic contents, I shall abstain from any addition of treatment agents
I also use a motion in the lower part or on the ground to achieve what is intended to eliminate the verschgmutzungen on the ground yet an additional external filter of the brand Eheim 2213th
Other equipment:
Is not that exciting, have only one heater brand hunter with 100 watts, which keeps the water temperature around 26 ° C.
1/2 otopharinx lithobates
1/1 labidochromis caeruleus ("yellow")
1/1 Pseudotropheus greshakei
1/3 Pseudotropheus zebra
1/1 Aulonocara jacobfreibergi

3 honeycomb signs catfish
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 59
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 59
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 59
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 59
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 59
TetraMin Flakes
JBL Novo Stick M
Sera viformo tablets for catfish
Sera granu grenn
2x a week bloodworms and frozen Malawimix
Further information:
When cleaning the aquarium, I make sure that I never on the same day Change water and clean the filter in order to obtain the formation of bacteria and nutrients.