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Fortsetzung folgt..
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
120x105x70 = 662 liters ~ 174 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Hexagon (hexagon AQ) / Glued three-chamber filter.
1. internal filter in HMF methods
2. trickle with blue balls / cotton / perforated plate
3. drywell (for inlet hose and cable)
Aquarium decoration:
Fine sand <2mm grain
1 Anubias hastifolia MP
Aponogetifolia 10 Cryptocoryne
1 Echinodorus cordifolius
3 Echinodorus osiris "double red"
5 Echinodorus parviflorus
2 Microsorium Pteropus
etwas chaotisch, aber grün...
Pflanzen im Aquarium Heimat in 6 Ecken (nur noch als Beispiel)
Rückwand und Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia
Special features of the facility:
1 mangrove roots (85 x 25 x65 cm from AMTRA)
1 Mopaniwurzel with Anubias nana covered from my 112 gallon tank
2 Resin (plastic) caves for Perlhuhnwelse
1 jewel structure rear wall as cover for the three-chamber filter
Die große Wurzel...
Aquarium equipment:
1 hanging lamp Domilux (Seaqualux) with 6x39 watt T5:

Light time 2x39 Watt 10-20 clock
and 4x39 Watt 11-19 clock

=> Remains unchanged in the summertime, so that the animals do not have to get used. (9 to 21 clock CEST)
Internal filter HMF with airlift and Wisa 300
Trickle with 112 liter tank and EHEIM 1060 (2100 l / h)
Tetras <; (((()> <

5/5 Nematobrycon Palmeri (from formerly 40)
the figures for the tetras are appreciated ...

Cichlids <; (((()> <
1/1 Papiliochromis Altispinosa (5 cm) from my 112 gallon tank
2/3 Thorichthys Ellioti (about 5 to 7 cm)

CARP SIMILAR <; (((()> <

2 Epalzeorhynchus Calopterus (remainder of 5 animals)
3 Epalzeorhynchus frenatus (remainder of 5 animals)
4 Gyrinocheilus Aymonnieri "gold"

Livebearers <; (((()> <

1/5 Poecilia maculata (parrots Platy)
CATFISH <; (((()> <

4 Pimelodus Pictus (1 X 10 cm and 3 x 5 cm)
3 Synodontis Angelicus
(1 of them since 1987; the other two since 1998)
1 Corydoras Sterbai (greater than 10) schnüff: o (
5 Corydoras agassizi
3 Corydoras robinae
3 Otocinclus affinis
Mist der Chef kommt...(S.Angelicus *1985)
Mein Schwarm... :o)
Water parameters:
On January 9, 2009:
pH 6.8
KH 6 ° d
GH> 10 ° d <16 ° d
NO² nn
NO³> 10 <25 mg / l
determined, as are the previous values ​​with 5in1 Tetra test strip
Live food:
black mosquito larvae (from the water butt); Earthworms (of the walks)

Dry food:
Tetra Rubin; Tetra Delica; Red Sea granules small and medium;

FRIER dried fodder (FD):
Red Muela
Water Flying

Frozen Food:
Black mosquito larvae

Vegetarian food:
now and then a raw potato, red bell peppers and yellow, Schlangengurke
is taken from the loaches and Perlhuhnwelsen like.
Further information:
I am aquarium for over 25 years and have been cultivated several varieties in my aquarium. With 200 liters (80x50x50cm) I began then with gourami.
A little later I warmed myself for the South Americans of the genus Geophagus and Acarichthys which I then used in 648 liters.

In the meantime, I had 3 AQ from 288 liters to 648 liters at the same time, one salt water.
Nice were the larger barbs that were unfortunately quite gifted vegetarian and all tender plants considered food.
Barbus arulius, B.everetti and B.filamentosa, a feast for the eyes.

In 1994, I had to cut down on just one AQ and then lived here tetras and Bujurquina Vitata together harmoniously.

Then in 1997 came back added a second AQ.

1997-1998 again salty with soft corals and Beifischen.

2001-2005 also Malawi cichlids in 680 liters, large alestidae in 450 liters ... Tanganyika 2005-2007; Ophtalmotilapia nasuta and Cyprichromis ...
since 2007 tetras ... and since 2008 most like loaches ..
My nickname is a play on words of my favorites, the loaches and my first name Michael ...
At the musicians of the Fugees I did not think that also means yes Prasmichel ...