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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Saulosi Anfängerbecken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
100x40x40 = 160 liters ~ 42 gallons (us)
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Aquarium Saulosi Anfängerbecken
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Die gestrichene Rückscheibe
Aktueller Stand im Becken. Zwei Aurarus-Weibchen haben sich angesclossen.
Aquarium decoration:
beige sand
Speerblatt Anubias barteri
Special features of the facility:
Ca 40 kg stones (Unfortunately, the name is not known to me). The stones were centrally stacked high in the pelvis, and the back so incur a lot of hiding places. So the fish can at the stones also make their rounds 😆.
Aquarium equipment:
RGB LED Stripe (ca.30cm)
The illumination color has a slightly turquoise touch, the colors of the fish are highlighted.

is Illuminated between 12-24Uhr
Tetra EX 800 Plus
Other equipment:
Tetra Heater 150W (betw. 8-24 pm in operation)

Tunze flow pump 6015
10 x pseudotropheus saulosi (juveniles)
I just wanted to 8 have the nice seller gave me 2 to.

Sexes are easily recognizable only 2 Fsichen. One male and one female. The remaining fish it is not recognizable.

Fish are about 3-4cm in size
Besatz im Aquarium Saulosi Anfängerbecken
Vermutung: Oben links männchen, ganz vorne rechts weibchen
Water parameters:
For now
PH: 8
Temp: 25-26 during the day; 22-23 night
NO-2: nn
NO-3: 15-20 mg / l
NH3 / NH4: nn
GH: 8
KH: 7

Tested with Sera droplets test
Tropical Super Spirulina Forte (36%) Flakes
Further information:
At the beginning of the device I had built an exterior rear wall. In the running-in I had enough time (5 weeks) to see if it will please me in the long run or not. Finally, I removed them because I did not like the color and the stones did not fit. For a change of color I had not had time. A better back wall will be built for the new pool.

How breits mentioned, the pool was five weeks long. In the time I have regularly added feed and weekly conducted a 40% water change. The water levels were measured regularly.