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Haupt bild 13.11.17
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
150x60x60 = 540 liters ~ 142 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Basin and cabinet type "Adam" are in white from Friedeberg ATD. There is a rear right bottom hole with 32mm as an overflow for the automatic water change,
The slate rocks on the sides, on the floor and behind the pool I even carved out of Styrofoam, colored brown with acrylic spray paint in black, granite effect and a bit and then sealed with epoxy resin. Inspired wudr this layout by "sedimentation" from the theorist-thank you!
The whole is glued with aquarium silicone, in particular to ground elements remain even where they belong.
Everything is controlled by a Profilux 3.1 (for more details in technique).
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Abendstimmung 08.03.2016
Mittelteil 06.05.2016
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Aquarium decoration:
A mixture of JBL Zanzibar dark, fine black pebbles and quartz sand is spread rising at the front of the pelvis of about 2cm to 4cm. Behind begin the "rock"
Planned: mainly I want to untie different species of moss on the roots.
Furthermore, there will be floating plants and perhaps even a Valisneria Gigantea on the right side, the sheets are then flooding back.
Special features of the facility:
many large and small roots: Moorken, savannah wood, finger roots.
The are just in a mortar bucket for watering.
Felsen in und hinter dem Aquarium
Felsen, Wurzeln, Hintergrund
Detail mit Juli
linke Seite 06.05.2016
Aquarium equipment:
Home lighting is a Mitras Ligtbar daylight with 120cm length depends ind he centered over the pelvis.
Furthermore there are 3 30cm Led hunting eco + tropic (4500K), which are mounted in a row on the front edge of the cover and obliquely downward-back seem.
Behind the pool are 3 just such lights in 20cm and light color sunset (3500K), which illuminate the rear decorations and the background of sheet copper.
These lights are always a front and a rear together, driven separately via GHL LED Contol 4 V2.
The fourth channel is for the moonlight. Again, there is a 20cm-bar front and one behind the pool, which can be dimmed together.
In each corner behind the "Rock" is a mat filter with one Tunze 5005. The right draws the water at the bottom along the back wall on a lattice channel (PVC Trauflüftungsgitter from the roofer needed) and lets it along the front window at the water surface via a tube with many small holes back out. Links is the same way the rear suction top and the outlet bottom front.
From the left pump it also goes to the cabinet. There peat filter, UV-C clarifier and dosing segment are installed.
Other equipment:
initially only in brief:
CO2 system with solenoid valve control over the Profilux
3X dosing
Reverse Osmosis System
automatic water changes
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linke Klarwasserkammer von oben
Ansauggitter hinter den Bodenfelsen von oben
first draws the stocking from my old 126l Basin. These are currently:
17 red neon (Paracheirodon axelrodi)
July 7-armored catfish (corydoras julii)
1/1 catfish (Ancistrus spec.)
1 King Tiger Pleco (L 333)
I will then gradually increase to the three other types except for the catfish.
What then happens, I do not know exactly.
Königstiger-Harnischwels L333
L 333 im Wurzelhaufen
Rote Neons
Neons im Sturzflug zum Futter
zwei von den Julis, schwer zu fotografieren
Peru Altums
Rote Neons
zwei Peru-Altums
Skalare und Neons
Skalar-Larven 12.11.17
Peru-Altum-Paar mit vielen Larven 13.11.17
Water parameters:
Further information:
More gradually promised after-my pool!