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Das Becken
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
120x40x50 = 240 liters ~ 63 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Standart Rio basin jewel, covered with black Struckturfolie.
Aquarium Malawi Rockzone
Aquarium Malawi Rockzone
Aquarium decoration:
Quartz sand beige, about 30Kg
In plants of the trimming has been omitted due to the claims.
Special features of the facility:
about 70 kilos diabase and basalt.
vor der Umgestalltung
Aquarium equipment:
Is illuminated with a 80cm eco + LED strip DAY 5500K of www.ledaquaristik.de.

This was incorporated into the existing T5 holders of jewel cover.

The sun rising and setting over a TC 420 is controlled with the intensity does not exceed the 80%.

Sonnanaufgang from 09:30
Morning sun from 10:00 at 50%
Midday sun from 14:00 at 80%
Evening sun from: 20:00 50%
Sunset from: 8:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Filtered is currently still a Fluval 305 with a pump capacity: 1,000 liters per hour / circulation capacity: 710 liters per hour.
Other equipment:
Automatic heater Fluval

Flow pump: Currently still a EHEIM Powerhead Aquaball with 210-650 L / H.
This is timely replaced by a more powerful pump.
Ledstripe 80cm
4 Metriaclima (Maylandia) Zebra (1M / 3W)
5 Labidochromis sp.hongi (4M / 1W) - stocking is still adjusted to a maximum of 2M and 5-6W
Zebra OB-Weibchen
Zebra Männchen
Zebra Männchen
Hongi Männchen
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi Rockzone