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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Malawi  / Ostafrika
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
100x50x50 = 250 liters ~ 66 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This is my first Malawi basin, after I had resolved another project recently. Not a stocking, apart from a few racing snails left over from the old pool.

Eheim Proxima 250 aquarium combination, basically the standard version in white.
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Aquarium decoration:
A mixture of:
- 5 KG JBL Sansibar Black
- 5 KG JBL Zanzibar Grey
- 12 KG ADA Colorado

In addition, still about 250 grams NADECO Muschelmix Small.
Special features of the facility:
2 elements of RockZolid, Stone module E and F, glued to the back wall.
50 KG Nero Ebano rubble
30 KG Ryuoh stones
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Aquarium equipment:
90.2 Daytime Cluster Control, equipped with 1 x Ultra White 7000K and 1 x Ultra White Blue 15000K. The white LEDs are on average during the day (8:00 to 20:00) at 40%, from 20:00 until 21:00 the evening is dimmed down and the central module, the blue LED at 2% driven to simulate moonlight. From 24:00 light the light is off.

Control via LED Controller TC420.
Eheim Profesional 4+ 350T external filter, fitted with standard filter media.
Other equipment:
JBL UV-C Water Series II- 18 Watt (not yet activated)
Sicce Xstream-e ELECTRONICS flow pump is running at about 50% at present.
If necessary, even a Eheim Air Pump 400 oxygen pump.
(planned stocking!)

10 x pseudotropheus saulosi (3m + 7w)
4 x Pseudotropheus (Metriaclima) callainos WHITE PEARL (1m + 3w)
4 x Synodontis polli WHITE

Few racing snails from the old pool.
P. Callainos PEARL WHITE
P. saulosi Weibchen
P. saulosi Männchen 1
P. Saulosi Männchen 2
Synodontis polli
Besatz im Aquarium Malawi  / Ostafrika
Water parameters:
Temperature 25 ° C
PH 7.8
KH 11
GH 13

Since the water comes relatively soft from the tap, I cured it with sodium bicarbonate (about 15 g per 100 liters).
Panta Nouri Herbivor M
Further information:
The pool was established on 10.12.2015. The filter was still retracted from the previous pool, so I'm assuming that the nitrite peak done quickly, if it occurs at all.