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aquarium von der hinterseite aus
Description of the aquarium:
Mixed America tanks
Tank size:
180x60x60 cm = 680 liters ~ 179 gallons (us)
Specific features:
everything as before, only without pot filter (really annoying) Extra foundation for the underfloor heating, extra crossbars 2x12cm + cover plates from Glaser,
same original cabinet only without doors and gravel cover (not fit through the window) (-:, corners newly glued because the Aq already 11 years old ... achso note the beer bar right at the cabinet bolted next to the sofa, which is especially important because I usually sit there
raumtenner zwischen wohn- und arbeitsbereich
von vorn beim sofa 5.12.2015
von der stirnseite
von hinten dem computer und arbeitsbereich aus
aquarium lounge
Aquarium decoration:
used in home building loam found in the aquarium space. the Bodenfluter I Loombands with the daughter to a little higher at the bonded suckers angebundenum remain above the clay-sand mixture, for the purpose of greater compaction of clay then ground. (I think at least) about brown river sand 1-2 mm grain
everything has survived the move ...

echinodorus bleheri
echinodorus young elstar nr. 3
mbuna`s from the small pool
tiegerlotus art unknown
Special features of the facility:
stones from the aqueduct excavation front of the house
alder branches as tube with hole from its own tree
eine große wurzel mit teichlebermoos und aufgebundenen anubias bonsai
Aquarium equipment:
Spartan Led lighting with 6000 the kitchen lamp 23 watt 2x

later if I have time again money gibts ne small Giesemann with 10800 lumens that was probably'll see ... since
great Matt Filter by Wolfgang Engel but bent 70x50 cm
Overflow after wees the fox and himself built with PVC pipes down into the cabinet postponed 60x30x30 but selba cut and polished into a small filter tank 3 kamma sponges with 10 liters siporax and a few blue and prefilter
EHEIM universal pump look ma what
Other equipment:
still later electric heater with heating connection via hot water and ABS valve or whatever it's called ... and heating coil in the lower basin, CO2 filtering only ma electrolysis and bisl gas cylinder and then only if gas ...
iehhe eine bodenfluterschlange
filterbecken dann mit notablauf eine etage tiefer und weitere versorgung
mit heißluft verschweißt, easy going...
eingeklebte wanne mit pvc
50mm ablauf geklebt
passt...geht eine etage tiefer ins bad
noch schnell ne idee umsetzen...
zwecks der optimalen filterfläche, das la kein cm2 verschenkt wird
und da die trennung zwischen boden und dem filtermaterial
die ansaugöffnung vom passiven filter
der passive filter oben mit austrittsrohr und difusor
rest neons
excessive number of black molly's
purple splendor cichlids