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Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
60x30x30 = 54 liters ~ 14 gallons (us)
Specific features:
I've always wanted to imitate as a biotope. However, I did not want to put my 240 gallon tank upside down then to see that there is nothing for me but. Therefore, I have begun in small. And I like it quite well. but see for yourself.
Aquarium decoration:
The substrate consists of a mixture of coarse gravel (3-10 mm) and sand.
As plant I Javafarn that but soon comes out, and frogbit drinne. The frog bite but I will soon replace by Büschelfarn forming these shorter roots.
Special features of the facility:
As the local fishing club (where I am also a member), a water purification was doing, I thought to myself that this is a good opportunity to get beautiful branches. After the event, I looked at my whole waste (twigs and reeds) and have seen these thin branches. The branches were already very well dried and you could also break through quite well. Of course I did not miss it and then took that and in the rain barrel all watered. After several weeks, I started with the establishment. What are the branches, I know still do not.
As another effect I used oak leaves and submerged in the aquarium. These work very well in conjunction with the branches and are also good for America.
Aquarium equipment:
As lighting I have a cover of Home Water, from which the light is not too bright, but you can see everything well. The data of the fluorescent tube I submit after.
Is filtered via an air filter lifting by the company Sera.
Other equipment:
A 75 watt heating element is provided in order to maintain the temperature.
As stocking are currently 9 White Fin hyphessobrycon bentosi (Hyphessobrycon rosaceus 'White fin') available. This is also driven by a few #

a male peacock gudgeon is also represented, as they would otherwise have ended up in a loo ...
Cambarellus Texanus
Cambarellus Texanus
Cambarellus Texanus
Water parameters:
Temperature: 26 ° C
NO2: 0
NO3: 10 mg / l
pH: 6
KH: 3 ° dH
GH: 5 ° dH
Cl2: 0

Measured with Tetra test strips, except NO2. However, I will switch to droplets test, since they are more accurate!

Water change about 50% a week
-Diverses Dried fodder
Further information:
I have only used the pools presented provisionally since I quite some time now have more (for training). I'm going to do well this weekend the idea a little more detail.

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