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Aquarium Hauptansicht von 720Liter Südamerika
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
170x65x65 = 718 liters ~ 189 gallons (us)
Specific features:
This pool is customized in 15mm float glass and suburb was glued. The tank is located in a trough which is connected to the drain.

On one end side, there are 5 holes.
- Here the Tunze Overflow Wall mounted.
- Emergency overflow directly into the drain
- Service access for sediment bell. Also right down the drain
- Fresh water inlet.
- Water transport back from the filter tank

Covered the basin through sliding doors that run special profiles in aluminum.

Rebuilding is the pool with a wooden wall, through its own service area is created.
So hat es angefangen. Ein gemauerter Sockel.
Auf dem Sockel steht eine Belchwanne mit einem Gestell, auf dem das Becken steht.
Nach der Vorortverklebungund der Montage des GHL LED-Leuchtbalken
Innenseite Becken: Von Links - Tunze WallOverflow, Überlauf, Service-Anschluss,
Rückseite der Anschlüsse. Alle mit Kugelhahn und Service-Öffnung.
Abdeckung: Aluprofil mit Schiebescheiben
Abdeckung: Aluprofil mit Schiebescheiben
Ein Spülbecken neben dem Aquarium gibt es auch noch... Man sieht auch einen der
Gesamtansicht - Front
Gesamtansicht - Seite
Gesamtansicht - Einblick in den ServiceRaum
Gesamtansicht - Offene Türen zum Becken.
Aquarium decoration:
Normal 1-2mm fine gravel rounded. Plants have been used in plant baskets, to prevent dig that.
Riesenvallisneria / Vallisneria gigantea
Great Amazon sword plant / Echinodorus bleheri
Special features of the facility:
The pool was covered with black sheets and
2 modules of "Back to Nature" were used. These modules have been foamed with fountains sparkling in order to avoid dead spots.

Furthermore are 2 roots in it ...
Bild vom Ausgeschäumten Back to nature Modul.
Aquarium equipment:
Mitras is illuminated with a 160cm long GHL lightbar.
And a small socket spotlight as moonlight ...

Lighting time:
10:30 to 21:30 GHL-lighting
21:30 - 24:00 moonlight
Filter bowl: 75cm wide, 40cm deep and 50cm high == 150liter

Return pump:
AquaForte DM-3500 with 25W

- A double circuit discs: Thus, the chambers are still preferably from above.
- Overflow
- Connections for heat exchangers
- Connection for water inlet

Filter media:
Chamber 1: Coarse filter sponge + fabric
Chamber 2: Coarse filter sponge + fabric
Chamber 3: sera siporax + medium filter sponge + fabric
Other equipment:
The pool is heated through a stainless steel heat exchanger, which depends on the central heating. By a pump, the aquarium water is pumped through the heat exchanger. Vermeindlich To stale water in the exchanger is all 4h once completely flushed.

This is controlled by a Siemens Logo! It controls heating, light, moonlight, water change, CO2, nitrate filter and cooling.

The controller measures the pH value and temperature. The measured values ​​have an impact on CO2 addition and change of water. Since the fresh water runs over a Teilentsalzer and with us having the water comes with approximately 6 degrees from the tap, fresh water is only as long as fed long as the temperature and pH are correct. Should there be times hot in the summer, is also cooled with fresh water.

As already mentioned, I run a Teilentsalzer (10 liters) and a nitrate column. The Teilentsalzer presses the carbon hardness of kh14 on KH6. The nitrate column is controlled even an extra pump and runs only at night.
Ein Blick `unter` bzw. neben das Becken... :-)
Filterbecken im `Rohzustand`. ;-)
Der Wärmetauscher, zum Heizen des Aquariums...
Eine Geamtansicht der Verrohrung.
Filter voll bestückt und rund 1 Jahr in betrieb.
Abdeckung Filterbecken - fest Verschraubter Bereich
Externes Bedienelement der Siemens Logo! Steuerung.
Sicherungskasten mit Siemens Logo! Steuerung.
Teilentsalzer und Nitrat-/Posphatfilter
- 1Paar Andinoacara rivulatus (8cm, M / w)
- 1Paar heros yellow orange (12cm, M / W)
- 1Paar heros red shoulder (6cm, M / W)
- 10Panzerwelse
- 1 honeycomb plates (20cm)
- 2 Star catfishes

- 4maronii that are still moving.
Meine Heros und meine Rivulatus
Water parameters:
Kh 6
Ph 6.8
Gh - Do I need to measure .. :-)
Temperature: 25-26Grad
Various granular varieties of Tropical and vegetables