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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Castle of Malawi
Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
150x50x60 = 440 liters ~ 116 gallons (us)
Specific features:
The basin is a panoramic Aquarium AquaTec Pausa. It has 2 longitudinal and 1 cross brace. The glass thickness is 12mm. It was purchased new as my old 300l tank had a leak and the water had nice spread in the apartment. After the appointment of the new pool, I had to order a structural engineer because I was not sure if the floor load of the old building withstands ... but everything super.

The sides and back wall was covered with black foil from the glass building industry in order to create the more shadowed areas.
Kommt noch ein besseres Bild
Komplett Anschicht-Unterschrank noch im Bau
Becken mit Besatz
Es wird langsam Nacht
Am Abend...wird langsam dunkel
Mondlichtphase...Blau 25% und Weißanteil 3%
Aquarium decoration:
25Kg Zanzibar Black
15Kg Zanzibar Grey
3Kg Pebbles (2-4mm)
There were no plants introduced, since it does not correspond to the natural habitat of Malawi.
Special features of the facility:
To keep the weight as much as possible down I ordered most of the stones at RockZolid ...

RockZolid River Stones: T, R, M, I, E, D
RockZolid Puzzle modules: L, J, G, B
Rockzolid Stone modules: C, B, G, D

In addition, approximately 15kg genuine stones were introduced. will see how that develops and possibly bring some more, whether by RockZolid or True ....
Beim Wasser füllen und Lichttests...
Dekoration im Aqua
Noch ohne Besatz bei der Einfahrphase
Linke Beckenseite-ohne Besatz
Rechte Beckenseite-ohne Besatz
Rechte Beckenseite-ohne Besatz
Dekoration im Castle of Malawi
Dekoration mit eingebrachten Buchenast
Aufzuchtbecken 60l im Aquarium Unterbau untergebracht
Aquarium equipment:
is illuminated with 2 DayTime Cluster Control 20.1 are controlled via a GHL Profilux 3.1 A. By Profilux it is possible Wolkenflug to simulate rainy days, Sonnauf- and sunset, moon phases and thunderstorms.

Thank you in the case of Flo (The GURU) for counseling and placement !!!
Filtering is with:

EHEIM ecco pro 130 Außenfilter- pump capacity 500l / h

and a

Eheim Professionel 3-2073 Außenfilter- Pump capacity 1050l / h

Moreover, even a micro EHEIM surface skimmer (skim 350) in operation,
which runs at night.
Other equipment:
EHEIM JÄGER thermostatic control knob heater 250Watt

TUNZE Turbelle Nano Stream 6045
The flow pump is turned on from morning to night and simulates a natural surface movement and at the same flow for the fish.

GHL pH probe for Profilux .... for fast and easy monitoring of the pH value
DayTime Cluster Conrol 20.1
Druckseite in Modul integriert
Profilux 3.1 und die hintereinander stehenden EHEIM Filter
Technik im Castle of Malawi
Metriaclima zebra Chilumba maisoni reef 1/2
Labidochromis Caeruleus yellow 1/2
Nimbochromis Venustus 0/2
Pseudotropheus elongatus Mpanga 1/2
Synodontis multipunctatus 0/0/3

Malawi crab / Potamonautes orbitospinus- "Horst" - namely> is a bitch but have it named after my grandfather who was very happy about it. :)
Synodontis multipunctatus
Metriaclima zebra chilumba maisoni reef Männchen
Labidochromis Caeruleus yellow
Mein Horst nach dem ablegen seines Alten Panzers
Meine agilen Yellows
Gibt es jetzt Futter oder was?
Synodontis Multi. auf Beobachtungsposition. :)
Malawikrabbe Potamonautes Orbitospinus
Der Chef im Becken
`Horst` alias Cliffhanger
elongatus mpanga
Meine Bande
Water parameters:
PH 8.0
KH 8
GH 15
NO3- 15mg

The water values ​​are tested 1-2 times per week with the JBL Combiset
Varied diet. Lined becomes irregular, as it occurs in nature as well as how it's coming.

JBL Novo Malawi
Tetra Cichlid Shrimp Sticks
Tetra Cichlid Granules
JBL PlanktonPur M

Frozen food from time to time

1 week a shrimp for the fish and 2 per week for Malawi crab

JBL NovoCrabs for Malawi crab
Further information:
I have tried in the pool to create a transition zone and hope that it has succeeded me so far. For suggestions, comments, tips, etc. I am open in any way.

Become piecemeal Upload more photos my texts still work out, but everything is hard.