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Description of the aquarium:
Lake Malawi
Tank size:
290x60x60 = 1044 liters ~ 275 gallons (us)
Specific features:
4, 3 in a downcomer in the basin and drilling
The pool was designed for an energy-saving operation possible.

In the course of my house modernizing the basin has been integrated into the new kitchen. To this end, had to reinforce the ceiling 2 x HEB 120 are installed in the basement.
The aquarium was protected by a separate circuit with 6A.
The aquarium is located on a self-walled made of steel girders and Ytong stones substructure.
The lid is still under construction. The substructure, lighting control (thinking of a conversion by Raspberry Pi) and some other small projects are not yet finished.
But all the important technical facilities are in operation.
Übersichtsplan Aquariumanlage
Der Anfang von allem....
Kernbohrung in den Keller
Der Bauherr und sein Projekt
FIltergestell vom Trödel
Der Tag an dem das Becken kam
Transport überstanden
So sah es mal aus...
Aquarium decoration:
Anubias and Java Fern
Beckenmitte und Holz
Special features of the facility:
River pebbles and limestones from a natural stone for action
Indian deity (gift from friends :-))
Aquarium equipment:
A total of 9 x 5.3 GU Spots 4 watts, which currently 5 in operation
A low-cost and highly flexible implementation of lighting has been achieved by using normal recessed spotlights.
300 liters 5-chamber filter tank in the basement (DIY)
1. chamber = Mechanical filtering with filter wool
2. Biological filtration chamber = PPI
3. Chamber = Biological filtration PPI
4. Chamber = empty
5. Chamber = heat exchanger and pump

Prefilter in downcomer

All piped with PVC pipe.
Other equipment:
In the filter tank is a self-made heat exchanger, which from the hot water circuit of the central heating by means of a controlled by the thermostat pump (9 watts) is fed. The central heating has a solar system, which is used for space heating.
The thermostat is located under the basin and the associated sensor of course in the main pool.
In filter basins there is a pond pump "EcoMax pump DM-5000" 40W consumption.
This pump is thus the main consumers in the entire system is. Of course, one could here can still save, but then it would not have been possible to integrate the filter tank in the boiler room.
5 Kammer Filterbecken
Durso mit Kugelhahn
GU5.3 Spots mit Fassung
GU5.3 Spots mit Fassung und Verkabelung
12 V 22 Ampere Netzteil für die Beleuchtung
Raspberry Pi im Aufbau
Raspberry Pi Inbetriebnahme
Thermostat TS125
Melanchromis chipokae
Pseudotrohpeus Esterea blue / red
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi
Protomelas fenestratus
Labidochromis spec. Hongi
two catfish

A total of 33 fish
Water parameters:
WW approximately every 2 weeks 1/3 to 1/2 fed via shower thermostat and downstream water clock
Flake food, Spirulina flakes, frozen food krill, frozen food brine shrimp, cucumber and zucchini
Further information:
The rear panel consists of a two-tone coated Aluverbundplatte.

Calculated cost of electricity:
24h x 40w aquarium pump = 0.960 KW / h
24h x 2W thermostat = 0.048 KW / h
12h x 20W light = 0.240 KW / h
1h x 9W Heat Pump = 0.009 KW / h
1,257 KW / h per day
If an assumed electricity price of 0.03 € / KWh which gives € 0.3771 per day or € 11.31 per month.

The resulting effluent of the aquarium can be conducted either in drains or for further use in the water butt in the garden.

Thanks to Einrichtungsbeispiele.de for numerous suggestions!