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Description of the aquarium:
Salt water
Tank size:
200x60x60 = 720 liters ~ 190 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Hello to all aquarists,

Title says it all pelvis;) !! Have currently a 250l tank, which was a swimming pool earlier, converted to a seawater pool. Have a Hawaii Doc drinne and is still growing ...

So a new pool must be found (720L) with overflow shaft and two holes for intake (25mm) and the end (40mm).

The photos show an excerpt from the "career" of the pelvis.

The downcomer I dressed / bonded to a Riffkeramikplatte. Was a huge mess but you can reef ceramics cut with ner ner and Flex Disc for stone ...
Rückwandfolie verklebt/Totes Gestein aufgebaut
altes AQ
Lebendgestein hinzugefügt nun abwarten;))!!
Aquarium decoration:
25 kg Korallenbruch 6-8mm

ca.1,5 KG coral sand 1-2mm retracted from my pelvis.
1x Pumping Xenia - Xenia umbellata
2x mini bubble-tip anemone - Cribrinopsis crassa
1x Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor
1x Alcyonarian Coral (Kenya tree) - Capnella imbricata
1x Rhodactis sp. 07 - Scheibenanemone
2x Sinularia sp. 05 - Soft Coral green
1x Sinularia sp. 02 - Soft Coral green,
1x Anthelia sp. 03 - Zartgefiederte bouquet coral
1x Lobophytum sp. 02 - Finger leather coral
1x Pachyclavularia violacea (Briareum sp.) - Tube coral on a live rock
2x mushroom leather corals
mini Blasenanemone
pumpende Xenia
Entacmaea quadricolor
Rhodactis sp. 07 - Scheibenanemone
Sinularia sp. 05 - Weichkoralle grün
Sinularia sp. 02 - Weichkoralle, gruen
Anthelia sp. 03 - Zartgefiederte Straußkoralle
Lobophytum sp. 02 - Fingerlederkoralle
Pflanzen im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Pflanzen im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Pflanzen im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Special features of the facility:
approx 25kg Dead rock, live rock ca.28kg
Schachtverkleidung aus Riffkeramikplatte angefertigt
Schachtverkleidung verklebt+ Korallengrund
Schachtverkleidung verklebt+ Korallengrund
mit Wasser und Salz befüllt+weiteres Totgestein für Riffaufbau
Riffaufbau erweitert
Riffaufbau fertiggestellt
Aquarium equipment:
Breßlein 2x150W HQI, 3xT5 9W
Sump 95x40x40 with 4 chambers

1.Kammer: Eiweißabschäumer
2.Kammer: coarse filtration by means of filter sponge
3.Heizung (later activated carbon and probably NEN Silicate is not added)
Other equipment:
Skimmer Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 2500 1000 with Turbofloter

2xStrömungspumpen Jebao WP40 (13000l / h)

Return pump Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 6500 (but still exchanged)

Another technique is being planned;)) ...
Lampe montiert
10x hermit crabs + div. Starfish + div. Snails
1 × Kardinalsgarnele - Lysmata debelius
2x lemon fin surgeonfish - Zebrasoma flavescens
2x Damselfish Yellowtail Demoiselle - Chrysiptera parasema
4x false clownfish - Amphiprion ocellaris (2 of them black)
6x Chromis viridis - Chromis viridis
1x Kardinalbarsch - Pterapogon kauderni (a second is planned)
1x Blue Damsel suspect
1x Acreichthys tomentosus - seagrass or Tangfeilenfisch
Besatz im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Besatz im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Besatz im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Besatz im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Besatz im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Besatz im Aquarium NewHomeForDoc
Water parameters:
ρ = 1.022
T = 26.5 ° C
KH = 8
NO2 = 0 mg / l
NO3 = 10 mg / l
PO4 = 0.05 mg / l
SiO2 = 0 mg / l
PH = 8

Ca and Mg test is ordered. For the later use of stony corals;) !!
Frozen Food Artemia
From time to time ne bag live food (crayfish)
Further information:
Will always update here, because I still have so much to do.