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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Becken 31996 (IKEA-Rollbox)
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
101 x 41 x 50 = 180 liters ~ 47 gallons (us)
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Aquarium decoration:
5L JBL AquaBasis Plus
20kg Dennerle Crystal quartz gravel natural white
6x Great Amazon sword plant
4x Javafarn, untied to the large mangrove and re planted
4x Zwergperlkraut
2x Cladophora
2x Red Tiegerlotus
2x Java moss (1x on crusta Tubes and shrimp Bungalow)
1x Green Tiger Lotus
1x dwarf Peer leaf, tied up to the Mangrove
Special features of the facility:
Jewel "Stone Granite" backplane
Attached mangrove root at the rear wall
Moorkien Wood
Large perforated stone
Dennerle crusta Tubes
Shrimp Bungalow
Aquarium equipment:
Foreground: Jewel HiLite Day
Background: Jewel HiLite Nature

Both T5 fluorescent tubes

Lighting time of 10-20 Clock
Up to 10 clock the room (south-west exposure) is slowly naürlich brighter - so the night of the fish is not an abrupt end.

The plan is a conversion to LED with natural course of daylight and moonlight.
Jewel Bioflow 3.0 with Eccoflow 600 pump
Other equipment:
Jewel Aquaheat
Jewel Digital Thermometer

In summer a fan blows air onto the water surface (for evaporative cooling)
Gross area: South America

8 guppies (2M / 6W)
22 neon tetra
10 Amano shrimp
1 brown catfish
div. snails as "earthworms" and health police (if sometimes a fish is found dead in the jungle and not seen at once)
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31996 (IKEA-Rollbox)
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31996 (IKEA-Rollbox)
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31996 (IKEA-Rollbox)
Besatz im Aquarium Becken 31996 (IKEA-Rollbox)
Water parameters:
NO3: 0 mg / l
NO2: 0 mg / l
GH: 10 ° dGH
KH: 6 ° dKH
pH: 7.2
Cl 2: 0 mg / l

Temperature 24 ° C (10 clock) to 25.5 ° C (16 clock), so slight daytime fluctuations.
Sera Spurilina food tablets
Sera vipan staple food
Sera FD bloodworms
In between times ne slice of cucumber for the catfish and the piebald
Further information:
Through use of vent there is on the disc along a flow area and in the background a "calm water" area.

The fish I oriented myself for mainly by the water values ​​and whether they come from roughly the same geological corner of this planet.

Since I no longer had a long community tank was me this site (for equipment) and the Aquarium Guide (for the fish) a great help - possibly mistakes go on my account and not on that of the website operator.

I ask for reviews and tips - especially for stocking. Especially if there may come to fish / are and if so, what.