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Frontal Ansicht nach 1 Jahr
Description of the aquarium:
Asia / Australia
Tank size:
150x75x60 = 675 liters ~ 178 gallons (us)
Specific features:
Acrylic glass basins custom made by the company Schuran

Stands on 4 shelves of a Scandinavian furniture store
Ansicht Couch Seite Dezember 2015
Ansicht Essbereich Dezember 2015
Ansicht Couch Bereich 1 - 2014
Ansicht Couch Bereich 2 - 2014
Schmerlen, Barben und in der Mitte das Grundel Weibchen
Ansicht Essbereich 2 mit Barben - 2014
Ansicht Essbereich 3 - 2014
Rhinogobius Männchen
Rhinogobius Männchen 2
Ansicht Essbereich 1 - 2014
Aquarium decoration:
Vitakraft gravel 1-2mm
Crinum Calamistratum
Cryptocoryne affinis
Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia
Cryptocoryne balansae
Cryptocoryne wendtii green
Special features of the facility:
Large root of Amtra
River pebbles
Terracotta tubes
Poly Resin pebbles with passages
Aquarium equipment:
2 LED bar "Solar Stinger Coral Plant 26 Watt" from 12:00 clock until 22:00 clock
1 LED bar "Solar Stinger White 28 watt" from 14:00 clock until 20:00 clock
1 Tunze Comline 6163 with 1800 l / h

1 Tunze Nano Stream 1600 l / h

1 Tunze Nano Stream "ball" with 1600 l / h
Other equipment:
Rule heating rod 150 Watt
Garra flavatra (Clown loach) 5 Animals
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri var.Gold (Saugschmerle Gold) 1 animal
Pethia nigrofasciata (Black Ruby Barb) 20 Animals
Pethia Padamia (Rubin Barbe) 22 Animals
Rhinogobius Duospilus (barnacle goby) 2 Animals (1/1)
Synodontis Angelicus (Synodontis Angelicus) 3 animals
Varied Frozen Food (black and white mosquito larvae, Cyclops, Artemia)
Dried fodder Spiro Lina share

Vegetables (paprika, cucumber, zucchini)
Further information:
After I sold the aquarium my EB "to be continued" before Christmas 2014, I was able to fulfill a long-cherished wish.
A new aquarium manufactured to my measurements made of acrylic glass.
Better transparency because the greenish tint is eliminated and most importantly, it is just as heavy as two cases of beer. A pool of 12 mm glass in the size weighs multiples.
As a base I bought 4 shelves "Kallax" and put the aquarium on after assembly and testing.
By chance I came in two cars "Solar Stinger LED bar" and two months currently to a third party. In the pictures there are only two ready.
The LED light is very beautiful, and the power consumption of only 80 watts of course a profit. If I'm keeping the WW intervals, it is bright enough for the Crptocorynen.