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Aquarium Hauptansicht von Juwel Lido 200
Description of the aquarium:
Community tanks
Tank size:
71 x 51 x 65 = 200 liters ~ 52 gallons (us)
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium decoration:
20 Kg black / gray aquarium sand, grit 0,2 - 0,5 mm (JBL: Zanzibar Black)
Long-term soil: JBL ProFlora Start Set 80
2 x Pogostemon quadrifolius (front left)
1 x Alternanthera reineckii 'Bronze' (behind)
1 x Echinodorus argentinensis (rear center)
1 x Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (divided in the foreground spread)
1 x Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' (right foreground)
1 x Hydrocotyle leucocephala (left of the filter)
2 x C. caroliniana var. Caroliniana (before the filter)
2 x Big Amazonas - sword plant - Echinodorus bleheri (rear left)

2 x dwarf Peer Leaf - Anubias barteri
1 x Perlmoos - Plagiomnium spec

Floating plants:
Little frog bite, Limnobium laevigatum
Special features of the facility:
1 x Red Moor root of the specialized trade
Smooth, gray / black 'pebbles'
Alder cones
Dekoration im Aquarium Juwel Lido 200
Aquarium equipment:
2x 28W T5 with reflectors (Jewel HiLite - Day)

Light time: Daily 9:00 to 22:00 (13 hours)
Jewel Bioflow (6.5 Watt, 3 L filter volume, 600 L / h)
Additional filter material: Jewel Cirax (ceramic granules) for additional biological filtration
Other equipment:
Heater: Aquaheat 200 - automatic heater 200 W
CO2 system: JBL ProFlora m602
This will be a CO2 continuous test and a Micro-Perler
13 armored catfish (here I accidentally different from the seller species obtained)
7x Corydoras habrosusm- checkerboard dwarf catfish
5x Corydoras pygmaeus - pygmy corydoras

20 Red Cherry Shrimp

4 Anthracite limpet - Neritina sp

4 Pink horn snail - Planorbarius corneus

6 Endler Guppy - Poecilia wingei (3m / 3w) + young (about 4)

2 honey gourami - Trichogaster chuna (1m / 1w)

12 Blue lampeye - Aplocheilichthys normani
Rosa Posthornschnecke
Endler Guppy (2 Männchen)
Endler Guppy (2 Männchen)
Honiggurami (weibchen)
Schachbrett-Zwergpanzerwels - Corydoras habrosusm
Corydoras pygmaeus Zwergpanzerwels
Red Cherry Garnelen
Blaue Leuchtaugenfische - Aplocheilichthys normani
Water parameters:
Temperature = 25 ° C
KH = 6
GH = 8
pH = 7-8
Nitrite = undetectable
Electrical conductivity = 495 s / cm
Dried fodder:
- Sera O-nip (tablets to adhere to the disc)
- Sera Spirulina Tabs
- Sera guppy gran

Natural food:
Tetra FreshDelica daphnia

Frozen Food:
White mosquito larvae

Live food:
Water fleas
Further information:
Water change: Weekly 60 L (~ 30%)
Filter cleaning: Sporadic; as soon as the pumping power decreases

- During the day: CO2
- With every water change: JBL Ferropol
- Daily: JBL Ferropol 24
- On occasion of the red plants: sera florenette A (fertilizer tablets)