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Baustelle! :-)
Description of the aquarium:
South America
Tank size:
120x50x60 = 360 liters ~ 95 gallons (us)
Specific features:
It is a Paludarium. The water part is hereby 120x50x60cm and the land part 120x50x50cm large.
Fertig für heute! :-)
Gesamtansicht 31.07.15
Gesamtansicht 01.08.15
Beckenansicht 01.08.15
Wasserteil mit bissl Land :-) 04.08.15
Landteil mit bissl Wasser :-) 04.08.15
Landteil 04.08.15
Wasserteil 08.08.15
Gesamtansicht Landteil 10.08.15
Wasserteil 10.08.15
Gesamtansicht Land und Wasser 10.08.15
~Mein-kleines-Diskus-Paludarium~ am 10.08.15
Wasserteil 22.08.15
Wasserteil 22.08.15
Wasserteil 22.08.15
Wasserteil 22.08.15
Wasserteil 22.08.15
Landteil 23.08.15
Landteil mit bisserl Wasser 23.08.15
Gesamtansicht 23.08.15
Gesamtansicht 23.08.15
Wasserteil nun ohne Pflanzen 15.09.15
Landteil 17.09.15
Land und Wasser 17.09.15
Gesamtansicht 17.09.15
Gesamtansicht 22.11.15
Wasserteil 22.11.15
Landteil 22.11.15
Landteil 29.04.16
Aquarium decoration:
- Approximately 25-50Kg beige sand grain 0,2-0,4mm

- Rhinestones / river stones on ground distributed 120-200mm
Emers: (mixture of artificial and real plants)

- Hydrocotyle leucocephala
- Verticillata Hydrocotyle
- Moos here I'm going to look at what works and what does not :-)
- Exo Terra Ficus
- Exo Terra Boston Fern


- Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba"
- Vallisneria spiralis
- Echinodorus bleheri
- Echinodorus ozelot
- Echinodorus parviflorus
- Sagitaria subulata

Floating plants:

- Hydrocotyle leucocephala
- Limnobium laevigatum

* Fertilize the plants will take place mainly through fertilizer tablets to the roots, in addition daily fertilization through the water column. A week fertilizers would not do, due to the UVC clarifier.
Detailansicht Landteil 10.08.15
Detailansicht Landteil 10.08.15
Detailansicht Landteil 10.08.15
Detailansicht Landteil 10.08.15
Special features of the facility:
- Eigenbau backplane
* In the water portion consisting of black back wall behind the pool and Aqua verkebt Della stones in the pelvis on the side walls and the rear wall. The stones are hollow and thus serve as caves for Marigold Hand shrimp and L-catfish.
* In the land part of the rear wall will look exactly, only instead of Aqua Della stones come here Lava in 4-12cm used.

- Moorkienwurzeln in different sizes

Hung corkscrew hazel branches from above into Paludarium -

- Seemandelbaumblätter
- Alder cones

* The Seemandelbaumblätter be replaced every 2 weeks and by the alder cones is a week something homemade tea given to the pool.
Wurzelauswahl fürs Paludarium :-)
So fing es an. Neues 120x50x60cm Aquarium für 50€ bei Ebay ersteigert.
Erstmal alles entkernen! :-)
Baustelle! :-) Rückwand ist endlich raus!
Schrank u. Becken auf Küchenarbeitsplatte gestellt und mit gestrichenen Spanplatten
Baustelle!! :-)
Baustelle!! :-)
Baustelle!! :-)
Baustelle!! :-)
Baustelle!! :-)
Aufbau 30.07.15
Aufbau 30.07.15
Aufbau 30.07.15
Aufbau 30.07.15
Aufbau 31.07.15
Aufbau 31.07.15
Aquarium equipment:
1x Water World LED900 LED - Luminaire

90cm long
4515 lumens
about 8000K

4x 10W LED floodlight


2x 1m LED strip 5050 SMD LEDs


First sounds much what is to come to light over a sink with disks, but you must the 110cm to ground not forget, let's see if the plants are grown in water. If it should, of course, be too much light, I'll disarm again. :-)
1x Fluval FX6

The FX6 sucks in the water over 4 filter baskets of Eheim Biopower 240 (without pump-head), meaning thereby the 4 filter baskets serve as a prefilter.

1x Fluval 206

The 206 draws the water about 4 filter baskets of 2. Eheim Biopower 240 (without pump-head) to, say, thus the 4 filter baskets are also used here only as a pre-filter, furthermore he is of course in addition to filtering :-), this filter also is the 36W UVC clarifier and a 4l nitrate phosphate filter powered by 3l resin.
Other equipment:
36 Watt UV-C clarifier

EHEIM 1800 streamON
flow pump at ground level

300W heater thermostat
36 Watt UVC-Klärer
LED-Beleuchtung 4x10W LED-Fluter / 2x100cm LED-Lichtleiste / 1x90cm LED-Aufsetzleuchte
volle Beleuchtung
ohne Aufsetzleuchte
nur die 4x10W LED-Fluter
2x10w LED-Fluter
6 Symphysodon discus in about 12cm - 14cm
* 1 x Red Cover
* 1 x Curipeira
* 2 x Leopard Snake Skin
* 2 x? Bin Wednesday at the breeder, he has done me some back, let's see.

2m / 2w Hemiloricaria eigenmanni

3 Panaqolus sp. cf. maccus "LDA 67"

10-15 Corydoras melanistius melanistius

10 Macrobrachium assamense

The Corydoras I will eventually revert to Sterbai. Just take a look ...
The 3 Panaqolus are those who swam with me already in Trigon 350 Aquarium and in the 80s.
The Marigold Hand shrimp are bred by those who have lived in France in the 150er Aquarium.
If a multi-cultural stocking! :-)
RHG 22.11.15
Disken am 22.11.15
Disken am 22.08.15
Disken am 22.08.15
Disken am 22.08.15
Disken am 20.08.15
Disken am 20.08.15
Disken am 20.08.15
Alle 6 am 20.08.15
Disken am 20.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 und Hemilaricaria parva 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
3er Gruppe Panaqolus sp. L397 12.08.15
Hemiloricaria parva 12.08.15
Hemiloricaria parva 10.08.15
Hemiloricaria parva und Macrobrachium assamense 10.08.15
RHG 08.08.15
RHG 08.08.15
Water parameters:
For water treatment, a carbonite-filter is used.
The tap water passes through only the filter and is then fed directly into the pool. Exchange water was about 28 ° C.

Vorrausichtliche water values:

pH: 6.8
GH: 8
KH: 3
NO2:> 0.01
NO3: 5
Temperature: 28-29 ° C

Water change every week approximately 50%.
Mostly frozen foods:

White and black mosquito larvae
Clam Meat
Further information:
My first attempt at a Paludarium.